Beat Shazam Recap: July 27, 2017

Beat Shazam’s 8th episode aired on 7/27/2017 for another rockin’ hour of music, dancing and fun. Three new teams will compete tonight to name songs that are worth progressively higher prizes, with one team emerging victor. That team will go on to play against Shazam and possibly win a million. Host Jamie Foxx and deejay October Gonzalez got things underway.

Tonight’s teams, with the nicknames we gave them, are:

  • All Smiles: Michael is a dentist. He fell for his patient Sarah when she left him a love letter after some teeth whitening.
  • Dance Dudes: Joseph and Van used to dance against each other as competitors, then they decided to team up to Beat Shazam
  • Southern Belles: Grandma Becky and Granddaughter Sarah hail from South Carolina

If you have not seen this episode and still plan to, STOP READING.
The correct responses and scores after each song are in this recap.

Round 1 – Pop
First 4 are worth $1000 each. The last one (Fast Track) is worth $2000.
1. “Jealous” (Nick Jonas)
All Smiles $0 Dance Dudes $0 Southern Belles $0
Not exactly off to the races– everyone went for “the fool’s gold” with “Sexy, Beautiful”
2. “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” (Cyndi Lauper)
All Smiles $1,000 Dance Dudes $0 Southern Belles $0
Everyone was right but All Smiles got in there at 1.65, the only team under 2 seconds.
3. “All the Right Moves” (OneRepublic)
All Smiles $1,000 Dance Dudes $0 Southern Belles $0
Everyone locked in “Everybody Knows.” No money, teams!
4. “I (Just) Died in Your Arms” (Cutting Crew)
All Smiles $2000 Dance Dudes $0 Southern Belles $0
All Smiles had the only correct response
5. (Fast Track) “Bubbly” (Colbie Caillat)
All Smiles $2000 Dance Dudes $0 Southern Belles $2000
At 1.54, the Southern Belles knocked that one out of the park

Round 2: R&B
First 4: $2000 each. Fast Track: $4000
1. “If I Ain’t Got You” (Alicia Keys)
All Smiles $2000 Dance Dudes $0 Southern Belles $4000
The Southern Belles were on it. Everyone else was off.
2. “Every Little Step” (Bobby Brown)
All Smiles $4000 Dance Dudes $0 Southern Belles $4000
All Smiles were only ones to lock in right on this one
3. “Ordinary People” (John Legend)
All Smiles $4000 Dance Dudes $0 Southern Belles $6000
All Smiles were out. the Belles beats the Dudes by 1/10th of a second
4. “Back at One” (Brian McKnight)
All Smiles $6000 Dance Dudes $0 Southern Belles $6000
All Smiles got in under 2 seconds. The Dudes took too long and the Belles were just plain wrong.
5. (Fast Track) “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg” (The Temptations)
All Smiles $6000 Dance Dudes $0 Southern Belles $10,000
Oh dem Belles, dem Southern Belles. They got in there at 1.81. That beat All Smiles’ 1.93. The Dance Dudes blew this one.

The Southern Belles are going into Round 3 with a $4,000 lead.

Round 3: The Rolling Stones
First 4: $3000 each. Fast Track: $6000. Third place goes home at end of round.
1. “Jumpin’ Jack Flash”
All Smiles $6000 Dance Dudes $3000 Southern Belles $10,000
The Dudes finally scored coming in at 1.65 to Smiles’ 1.89. The Belles were already out. Joseph jumped as high as Jack Flash!
2. “Wild Horses”
All Smiles $9000 Dance Dudes $3000 Southern Belles $10,000
All Smiles came in ahead of the Belles by 2 whole seconds. The Dudes came up with “My Freedom” for that one.
3. “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”
All Smiles $9000 Dance Dudes $6000 Southern Belles $10,000
Everyone, including Jamie, danced like Jagger but the satisfaction went to the Dance Dudes, fastest at 1.56.
4. “Angie”
All Smiles $12,000 Dance Dudes $6000 Southern Belles $10,000
All Smiles had this one all to themselves. The Dudes have one last chance to stick around.
5. (Fast Track) “Beast of Burden”
All Smiles $18,000 Dance Dudes $6000 Southern Belles $10,000
How’s this for close: 1.77 to 1.86. All Smiles for the big win. The Belles are still in.

It was game over for the Dance Dudes, Joseph and Van. They had to go back to the crib (or the suburbs where Jamie said he could tell they grew up?). They clearly had a lot of fun and they sure could jump and dance.

Round 4: The ’90s
First 4: $5000 each. Fast Track: $10,000
1. “100% Pure Love” (Crystal Waters)
All Smiles $23,000 Southern Belles $10,000
No speed contest involved– the Belles picked “Round and Round” so it was 100% All Smiles all the way
2. “Angel of Mine” (Monica)
All Smiles $28,000 Southern Belles $10,000
All Smiles cleans up again with the only right answer and another $5 grand!
3. “Stay (I Missed You” (Lisa Loeb)
All Smiles $33,000 Southern Belles $10,000
Both got it right this time, but All Smiles had the flick of the wrist
4. “Pretty Fly (for a White Guy” (The Offspring)
All Smiles $33,000 Southern Belles $15,000
The Southern Belles got this one and they sure could use another
5. (Fast Track) “Crazy” (Seal)
All Smiles $33,000 Southern Belles $25,000
Look at the Belles bounce back, at 1.42 vs. 2.03. You go girls!

The totals at this point are higher and closer than they were last week, but that’s because there were only 4 songs in each round last week. Now comes the round that will decide who goes on to the Million Dollar Round.

Round 5: Love Songs
First 4: $10,000 Fast Track: $20,000. Second place goes home with half their money.
1. “Something to Talk About” (Bonnie Raitt)
All Smiles $33,000 Southern Belles $35,000
The Belles take the lead with 1.68 vs. 1.85
2. “Bad Case of Loving You (Doctor, Doctor)” (Robert Palmer)
All Smiles $43,000 Southern Belles $35,000
This song was perfect for All Smiles and whoo! The scores were 2.16 vs. 2.21.
3. “Happy Together” (The Turtles)
All Smiles $53,000 Southern Belles $35,000
The Belles went with “Daydream Believer” handing that $10K to All Smiles
4. “Can’t Get You Out of my Head” (Kylie Minogue)
All Smiles $63,000 Southern Belles $35,000
Once again, All Smiles has the only correct answer and they now have a lock game. The Belles have one more chance to add some cash to their bank.
5. (Fast Track) “Love Will Keep Us Together” (Captain & Tennille)
All Smiles $83,000 Southern Belles $35,000
All Smiles took some extra time to lock in on this one, but they got it right. The Belles jumped right on the wrong Captain & Tennille number (Do That to Me One More Time).

So it’s back to South Carolina for Becky and Hannah. The Southern Belles are toting $17,500 back to the Palmetto State. FYI, that’s more than twice what the Jeopardy! champ won today, and Grandma Becky got to dance with Jamie Foxx. The ladies had a blast and were a blast to watch.

One Million Beat Shazam Round – 6 songs
First 5: $25,000 each. They only get a shot at the million if they get all 5 right. There are no more multiple choice screens and they have to know the song’s exact title before Shazam to be right.
1. Rock: “Takin’ Care of Business” (Bachman Turner Overdrive) – $108,000
Sarah was so excited: “That’s our song! That’s our family song!
2. Lady Gaga: “Bad Romance” – $133,000
3. Boy Bands: “I Want It That Way” (Backstreet Boys) – $158,000
4. Motown: “You Keep Me Hangin’ On” (The Supremes) – They took a guess with “Set Me Free” which is better than letting Shazam beat you, we suppose. But now the million dollars is out of their reach
5. One Hit Wonders: “I’m Too Sexy” (Right Said Fred) – and they finished with $183,000!

Michael and Sarah now have to make that huge decision: do they want to try to double their money to $366,000 or do they want to boogie out of there with the $183,000 they have already won. Jamie tells them the conditions of trying to beat Shazam (only one of them can play) and the consequences of losing (they will only get half of what they have now, or $91,500). He gives them the category: ’80s.

Michael impresses upon Sarah that one false move, like stammering or getting a word wrong or leaving one out, and poof! There goes $91,500. “It’s too much,” he says. They decide that they’re done. Sarah wants to help her mother who had a house fire and they have two babies to consider. It turns out that they made the right decision. Michael knew the group, but not the song name. Sarah guessed “Babe, I Love You” (by Styx). So, having made the right decision in hanging on to their $183,000 prize money, they really were All Smiles. Here is “Waiting for a Girl Like You,” a 1981 hit for Foreigner.

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