10 Kevin Jonas Quotes about Geraldo Rivera

If we were just talking about eye rolling here, this would probably be a much longer list but what we’ve got are 10 ways Kevin Jonas expressed how and why Geraldo Rivera managed to truly get on his nerves during Kevin’s short stint on Celebrity Apprentice 7.

10. Geraldo was emceeing the event in the middle of the room.

9. Geraldo, he was very dismissive of Gilbert.

8. Geraldo’s used to being the alpha male

7. There’s a difference from utilizing your task and the need to be heard and the need to be right and that’s all that Geraldo cared about from the start of this.

6. Maybe Geraldo knew what he was doing but from the attitude behind it, it did not seem that way.

5. But if you look at the photo it just says the word “celebrity” and then a big picture of Geraldo, which was pretty funny.

4. I think Geraldo believes that he’s the center of the room and we’re all revolving around him.

3. That was more gratifying than yelling at Geraldo.

2. The conflict was with Geraldo.

1. The only momentum killer was Geraldo.

Kevin talked about his experience with Wendy Williams, who said Geraldo was a lovable bully, but a bully all the same!

Task 1: Keisha Pulliam Knight fired.
Task 2: Kevin Jonas fired.
Task 3: Gilbert Gottfried Fired

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