The Devil You Know Quotes: Boardwalk Empire

Here are some quotes that may not already be in the recap of “The Devil You Know, the 6th episode of Boardwalk Empire, Season 5:

Chalky White: What kind of business you got in a cathouse?
Daughter Maitland: My business.
Daughter: She’s not his.
Chalky: Then whose?
Daughter: Just mine.

Mickey Doyle: What I was doing at your age, knocking over storefronts with a little pocket Colt. Pow-pow. My own gang– 16 years old. People respected me. I was going places.
Joe Harper: What happened?
Mickey: Your father set me up with your mother.
Joe: Wait. What did– he what?
Mickey: No, I’m sure they’re in the front pew every Sunday.

Dinah: I don’t like cigarettes. Pissy little girlie smokes…. Why don’t you tell me your name?
Nucky Thompson: Francis X. Bushman
Dinah: What’s that state between, uh, Ohio and California?
Nucky: The state of oblivion.
Dinah: You f*cking with me, Francis X?

Eli Thompson: If we run now, how’s D’Angelo gonna know?
Nelson Van Alden: Run where? With what?
Eli: Get into the count room. Drop off the money.
Van Alden: Leave the satchel and don’t open it.
Eli: I step out. Start a conversation– “anybody catch that Cubs game?”
Van Alden: I double back with the key, empty the satchel, open the safe… This has not been thought through.

Dr. Valentin Narcisse: It’s a long way to travel for foolish games.
Chalky White: Let him in.
Narcisse: What’s your name?
Althea: My name’s Althea.
Narcisse: That’s pretty…. It means “healing” in ancient Greek. My name is Valentin. And this man, do you know him?
Chalky: They ain’t a part of this.
Narcisse: Well, I suppose we all have our affairs to discuss.

Nucky Thompson: I know where to get the good stuff.
Dinah: Yeah? Where?
Nucky: The Ritz-Carlton. I’ll walk you right in.
Dinah: And how you gonna do that?
Irene: Mama dressed me for the parade.
Nucky: They know who I am there.
Dinah: Well, then, Francis, what the f*ck are you doing with us?
Nucky: I know them but I’m not like them. I’m like you.

Al Capone: This really hurts my feelings. I mean, what’d I ever do to you, huh? Except give you a leg up. I take you in. Favor to your brother so you could lay low. Didn’t I do that?
Eli Thompson: You did.
Al Capone: You ever say thank you? I never heard it.
Eli: Thank you very much.
Al Capone: Doesn’t count now. And you, I thought we was buddies.
Nelson Van Alden: Of course we are, Al.
Al Capone: You steal from buddies? What kind of a man does that make you?
Van Alden: Greedy. Just very greedy.
Al Capone: And you?
Eli: I’m greedy, too.

Chalky White: What you come here for? True now.
Daughter Maitland: I paid for the studio, the musicians, the pressing. No one will play it. No one will hire me. Not in Chicago, not in Kansas City. Not anywhere.
Dr. Valentin Narcisse: What have I to do with that?
Daughter: You stopped them to stop me.
Narcisse: My reach extends to every honky-ton and barrelhouse?
Daughter: I can’t live that way. Not with her.
Narcisse: Then give her up. Others do.
Daughter: You are drowning me. Drop by drop.
Narcisse: Perhaps the failing is your own.
Daughter: (getting down on her knees) Won’t you let me go?

Narcisse: I came here from a meeting downtown, more truthful to say I was summoned, with a Mr. Luciano.
Chalky White: I remember him.
Narcisse. I am being dictated terms. I will be allowed to conduct my business but only under his control. In exchange I will be protected from others of his kind. He will allow me to conduct my business in my home. This is the new order of things.
Chalky: Ain’t no concern of mine.
Narcisse: What if it were? And am I worse than those devils who betrayed you?
Chalky: You the only devil I know.
Narcisse: Call me what you will. I never claimed to be your friend. I’ll make a place for you. I’ll pay you well. If it’s blood you want, you’ll have your chance to spill it.
Chalky: Me help you?
Narcisse: You help yourself. Every soul in this room yearns to be free.
Chalky: You came to be heard. That’s your voice. You set it up and I belong to you.
Narcisse: Pick the city. I’ll make the call. You’ll be booked tomorrow.
Chalky: Let’s get to business.
Narcisse: I’ll need the gun… as a gesture of loyalty.

Joe Harper: You just had a rough night. Besides if you only help people to help yourself, what kind of world would it be?
Nucky Thompson: Someone I was close to just died because of me. Last thing I heard her say was “Have your coffee.” She’s gone and I’m still here. What kind of world is that?

Mickey Doyle: I need everybody to listen good. You will swear an oath of allegiance to Mr. Nucky Thompson of Atlantic City, New Jersey, to protect and defend his person and property against all enemies, foreign and domestic, as long as you both shall live…
Mickey: (to Nucky) Nobody knew where you were so I done a Paul Revere. We saddling up for a showdown or not?
Nucky: We are.

Chalky: You ain’t never gonna stop those white boys.
Narcisse: Why do you say that?
Chalky: They everywhere. You just here.
Narcisse: I’d call surviving a victory.
Chalky: Well, you pretty slick at that.

Supporting Cast of The Devil You Know

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