Spoiler Talk: CotD (Fri)

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  1. Dalton Higbee says:

    Tomorrow is Alex Trebek’s Birthday. He will be 77 years old.

  2. Kevin S. says:

    I’ll add my belated congrats to VJ and thank him again for the time and effort he puts into maintaining a fun and entertaining board. Chiefly, I think we all need to hail him for work on our behalf!

  3. rhonda says:

    You’re very welcome! So happy you had such a fun and memorable birthday. Your daughter is so sweet and thoughtful.
    I will be sure to look for Alex’s birthday balloon later lol, thanks for letting us know.
    I couldn’t believe it yesterday when he said that he first thought yesterday’s FJ was a tough one!

  4. jacob ska says:

    This clue makes me think of George W. Bush during his inauguration procession. Instead of H.T.T.C. people were holding up signs that read “H.T.T.Thief.” When someone is President of the USA they don’t stand a chance.

  5. Jlane says:

    First & foremost @ VJ… Please accept my most sincere of apologies for NOT offering you an acknowledgement re: your b’day yesterday. I saw the cute balloon that you posted w/ your initials on it, and I had every intention of wishing you a GRAND happy b’day, but instead I became wrapped up in the topics of the day (the wave of easy FJ clues, the O.J. circus, etc.). So without any further ado, Happy (belated) Birthday Ms. VJ, and thank you so much for the passion and devotion that you give to this website day in and day out so that so many of us can read, laugh and share our thoughts w/ fellow “Jeopardy! Junkies”. I’m incredibly grateful for your commitment… Now back to the CotD:
    These clues are either becoming easier by the minute, or I’m growing more brain cells, and since I’m certain it’s not the latter, I’m sticking w/ these have simply been dumbed-down to all-time lows! First, how many “official US gov’t songs” are there, and second, doesn’t this fall under Trivia 101?! Damn near anytime a President makes a public appearance, they play this. Oh well, maybe next week’s crop of questions will provide more/bigger challenges. This goes 3 out of 3…

    • rhonda says:

      Oh, VJ, I completely missed seeing your cute birthday balloon yesterday, I’m so sorry. I’m very glad that Jlane’s sharp eyes caught it. A very Happy Belated Birthday to you! I hope that you enjoyed your special day with lots of love and treats.. And I second what Jlane said about being grateful to you for all of the time, care and knowledge that you devote to your amazing website.

    • VJ says:

      Thanks, Jlane and Rhonda, for those wonderful messages . I did have a nice day yesterday. My brother and his son joined us. Haven’t seen them in a while so that was great. and I am most grateful to my daughter. She put a lot into having a nice dinner and party.

      I made a bday balloon for Alex Trebek too LOL!!! — even though there’s no Spoiler Talk tomorrow, watch for it on the weekly recap. :):)

      I agree about the FJs. It has really been a surprising week. My teen-age granddaughter called me yesterday and even she brought up how easy they’ve been! I’m also hoping they’re a little more challenging next week. It’s not that I don’t want the players to be able to get FJ — I imagine it must be a let down for 2nd and 3rd place too. No chance to turn the tables.

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