Spoiler Talk: CotD (Fri)

Here is the NY Times Clue of the Day for Friday’s game. You can talk about the clue that may be today’s Final Jeopardy BEFORE the game airs. But if you don’t want to read comments about the answer to the clue, READ NO FURTHER.

If you do want to talk about it, then click on the link below to see the clue, and fire away!

Clue of the Day

FYI, we don’t reveal the answer outright but hint at it. It is okay to give possible wrong answers.

We also need to be mindful that the first 11 words of our comments will show up on the homepage sidebar. So prefacing any hint with a short observation is the best way to go.

Any comments with the actual answer will be deleted. All comments and predictions on the CotD posts are deleted after about a week, so be fearless!

An old category: These clues are from a category called “Bestsellers” in the second round of the match played on 12/22/1999.

$100: In 1998 this master of horror rattled our nerves with “Bag of Bones”
$200: It’s the one-word title of Arthur Hailey’s 1971 bestseller about the auto industry
$300: Arthur Golden tells the tale of Sayuri, a Japanese artisan, in his “Memoirs of…” this
$400: In 1970 Irwin Shaw gave us this bestselling saga of the Jordache family
$500: A mammoth bestseller in 1985 was her “The Mammoth Hunters” show

Today‚Äôs Quote: Obviously crime pays, or there’d be no crime.–G. Gordon Liddy

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5 Responses

  1. Cece says:

    Hey VJ, a minor correction on the above clues: category “Bestsellers”, match 12/22/99. :)

    • VJ says:

      Thanks, Cece. All better now.

      On today’s clue, I’m leaning towards Jlane’s 2/3. Anybody remember the Teen Tournament in 2014 when this was the answer and Jeff Xie had a slip of the pen in his quarter-final? He went on to win the whole thing by tie-breaker. The links to all his games are in this post

  2. jacob ska says:

    Wasn’t it in the news a few days ago? Something about a glass wall being built around it?

    Gutsy as I am, I’m predicting 3/3 or however many left standing.

    • Jlane says:

      You are a correct, sir! And that glass wall is estimated to cost the country that is known for great wine, art, fashion and fries $20M! (What is it about building big, expense walls these days?! I’m wondering if it’s just a fad?!)
      I’m going with the law of averages and predicting we will not see a “3 for 3” back-to-back nights. I’ll go with 2/3! Enjoy the weekend, everyone!!

      • jacob ska says:

        Jlane, you are correct in stating there appears to be a trend towards building walls these days. Wild!

        Hope you also have a good weekend.

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