Final Jeopardy: Secretaries of State

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6 Responses

  1. jacob ska says:

    Congrats champ. Nice runaway lead.

    My favorite category was “British Spelling Test.”

  2. Alfred Robert Hogan, M.A. says:

    Thought this was an easy FJ. My poor dear Mother who watched Jeopardy! with much enjoyment was a 1951 Wellesley College graduate. As a progressive and feminist I strongly disagree with the T-shirt given the two infamous women named. I have noticed that very often contestants who bump off multi-day champions wind up as what I call one- or two-day wonders. But that is still one or two more wins, or even appearances, than I have logged or ever likely to do!

  3. lou says:

    at least we know that margie did her best but that true daily double bet she made was too risky. Still congrats to sarah. I doubt that 34000 dollar win from margie was just a fluke.

  4. VJ says:

    Well, Margie at least made a bundle yesterday, even if her DD didn’t work out today. Congrats to Sarah. I will mark the game a runaway later. I had to hurry because we had a dinner guest.

    Meantime, here are 7 more clues from the match — only 2 more triple stumpers and the “Make America Grate Again” category, which incidentally made me hungry. .

  5. EricS says:

    Here’s another theory for yesterday : Seth thought that Margie wasn’t that strong of a player and that she was unlikely to answer FJ right. It’s worth noting that these people all meet before and talk. He may not have employed the same strategy with Sarah.
    Sarah, btw, scored a solid 16,600 Coryat.

  6. Richard Corliss says:

    The first all ladies game in Season 33.