What Alex Trebek Likes for Breakfast

Business Insider was recently invited to spend a day on the set of Jeopardy! One of the mysteries they uncovered was what Alex Trebek likes to eat for breakfast.

Apparently, as the show’s long-time host has gotten older, he has taken a more health conscious approach to his diet. Alex was asked about his breakfast choices, especially on a day of taping. “A Diet Coke or a Diet Pepsi or a Diet Dr. Pepper,” he replied. He said he used to have “a lot of Milky Ways and stuff” but nowadays he opts for “an Oats and Honey nature bar sort of thing,” accompanied by a donut.

Alex Trebek and breakfast It looks like he was eating a donut here, doesn’t it? But he was getting his makeup done while this conversation was going on and the makeup artist joked that “he’s given up the Twix.” Alex quickly interjected that he still has some Twix.

See the video and Business Insider article here

Alex Trebek sometimes tells contestants little tidbits about his personal likes and dislikes during the contestant chat. So far this year, he has mentioned that he likes Charlottesville, Virginia so much, he almost moved there once. That was in January. In February, he said his favorite Oscar-winner is “How Green Was My Valley” and just yesterday, he revealed that the Noble Sub-Mariner is his favorite comic book character.

He has also said that he does 2 or 3 crosswords a day, is not a fan of tattoos and joked that 2 weeks after becoming a U.S. citizen, he received a notice saying he was chosen “at random” for jury duty. One thing he has mentioned multiple times is his favorite animal: the musk ox.

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  1. Don Prier says:

    I remember being on the Jeopardy set in April of 2016 watching my wife Monikka playing against Pranjal – and during the break, I asked Alex who was his favorite comic book super hero.