Teen Tournament Rerun: 8-1-17 Quarter-Final No. 2

Today’s Jeopardy match originally aired on November 10, 2016. It was the second quarter-final of the 2-week 2016 Teen Tournament, featuring Jack Bekos, Sabrina Duong and Emily LaMonica.


Here is a clue from the match in the IT HAPPENED IN THE 20TH CENTURY category:

($400) In 1981 Ananda Chakrabarty received a patent for a life form made of just 1 this

That was the first clue in Season 33 with the word “patent” in it. Here are the ones that came later:

11/30/2016 ANOTHER DAY OLDER $200: One more patent… on April 12, 1892 he received his 717th, for an ore-screening apparatus

1/27/2017 AN INVENTIVE CATEGORY ($800) In 1853 David Smith patented one of these to keep your undies hanging on a line by using a spring clamp & 2 wooden levers

01/27/2017 AN INVENTIVE CATEGORY ($1600) He left Morse in his dust with his 1876 patent titled “Improvement in Telegraphy”

02/07/2017 BOOTS ($800): In 1958 Frank Marugg received a patent for a wheel clamp for “use in immobilizing a vehicle”; we now call it this

3/08/2017 MUSIC SOOTHES ($800) A brand name based on a pre-WWII patent, it became synonymous with soothing sounds in elevators

3/27/2017 THE BUSY BUSINESSMAN ($600) I don’t have time to go to court or even to say this whole word, so it’s just patent lit or civil lit

3/27/2017 THE “OC” ($2000) In 1935 tree planter Rudolph Hass received a patent for a variety of this

4/07/2017 HISTORIC AMERICANS ($400) In 1891 he applied for a patent on the first American motion-picture camera

4/10/2017 THE GILDED AGE ($2000) On the same day in 1876, these 2 men both filed papers for a patent for the telephone

4/24/2017 IT’S A TRAP! ($2,000 DD) The Smithsonian’s Natl. Museum of American History says more patents have been given to this device than any other

5/29/2017 GENIUS ($1000) Taking a job in 1902 as one of these clerks gave Albert the freedom to daydream and write the papers that changed our world

6/01/2017 GUYS MAKIN’ STUFF ($1200) When U.S. demand was not big for his 1840s version of this machine, Elias Howe sold the patent rights in England

Go to J-Archive for the matches these clues were in and more clues with the word “patent” You’ll find that the last time there was such a Final Jeopardy clue was on May 22, 2014:

TECHNOLOGY: When Apple sued for iPad patent infringement, Samsung cited this 1968 movie as the originator of the design

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