Supporting Cast: You Sold Me the Laundromat – Shameless

Here are some of ihe actors and actresses who appeared in Episode 8, Season 7 of Shameless (11-20-16): The recap of the episode is here.

Laura Ceron as Celia Delgado in Shameless

We’ll cut her mama out of the picture for real later

Laura Ceron played Celia Delgado, Frannie’s grandmother on her father, Derek’s side. Debbie thought that it would be a good idea to get on good terms with them. The Delgados thought it would be a good idea to snatch Frannie and keep her away from Debbie for good. After making violent threats that Tanya recorded, it now appears that Debbie’s only hope of getting Frannie back would be if the baby turns out not to be Derek’s. We’re not sure that’s possible but, contrary to Tanya’s (Gabrielle Walsh) claim that Frannie looks just like Derek, the baby does not look like she is even related to the Delgados.

Marisol Ramirez as Celia Delgado in Shameless

I used to be Celia Delgado

We have only seen Derek’s mother one other time and that was in the first episode of Season 6, when Derek’s parents dropped the bomb on Fiona that Debbie was pregnant. Marisol Ramirez played Celia in that episode.

George Wyner as Provost Keegan in Shameless

Too bad you didn’t shape up the first time, Einstein

George Wyner played Provost Keegan who delivered the appeal board’s decision to Lip: No dice. They didn’t want to give him another bite of the apple because lots of students get drunk as hell but they don’t all physically attack others and destroy property. Besides, they gave him a second chance already. That’s right. Lip didn’t get expelled because of his affair with Professor Runyon. They even gave him counseling. That was in NSFW (S6 E6) and George Wyner was heading up the board then too.

You stole my credit card

You stole my credit card

Karen Huie played the lady who delivered all the cat food Etta ordered. Etta had just discovered that her credit card was missing. Fiona told her that she may have left it at one of the places she shopped and Etta immediately decided to blame the Chinese person at the market. The delivery lady was offended. She said that was no excuse for racism when Fiona told her that Etta suffers from dementia. “Live through Pearl Harbor then talk to me about racism,” was the next thing out of Etta’s mouth. The delivery lady informed Etta that she is Chinese and it was the Japanese who attacked Parl Harbor. Etta then accused the woman of stealing the credit card. Fiona convinced her to ignore Etta and signed for the cat food so she left. The whole time Fiona knew where the credit card was– she had it.

Where's our washing machine, Frank?

Where’s our washing machine, Frank?

So the Home for the Homeless (formerly the Gallagher Home for the Homeless) didn’t burn down after all. Frank couldn’t fix the washing machine at the real Gallagher home so he arranged to get some guys to take theirs. The homeless folks knew right where to go when they discovered it was gone.

Also in Episode 8
Main Cast:
William H. Macy – Frank Gallagher
Emmy Rossum – Fiona Gallagher
Jeremy Allen White – Lip Gallagher
Cameron Monaghan – Ian Gallagher
Emma Kenney – Debbie Gallagher
Ethan Cutkowsky – Carl Gallagher
Brenden and Brandon Sims – Liam Gallagher

Series Regulars:
Steve Howie – Kevin Ball
Shanola Hampton – Veronica Fisher
Isidora Goreshter – Svetlana
Michael Patrick McGill – Tommy
Jim Hoffmaster – Kermit

Patsy’s Pies People:
Ruby Modine – Sierra
Andrea Ellsworth – Didi
Suteara Vaughn – Ariel

More Guest and Co-Stars:
June Squibb – Etta
Elliot Fletcher – Trevor
Alan Rosenberg – Professor Youens
Zack Pearlman – Neil
Cooper Friedman – Lucas
Chet Hanks – Charlie
Gary Kraus – Mike
Alfred Adderly – Jim
Polina Frantsena – Russian girl
Mary E. Kennedy – New Fiona
Heather McPhaul – Jane
M.Q. Tran – Lindsey Chen

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