Supporting Cast of The Texan: Ray Donovan

Here are some of the actors who appeared in “The Texan” (8-14-2016), Episode 8 of Ray Donovan’s Season 4 . The episode recap is here.

Patrick St. Esprit as Randall Dyckman in Ray Donovan

Ray can’t get Randall Dyckman to give Hector the Whittaker match

Patrick St. Esprit played Randall Dyckman. We first saw him in “Marisol” (S4 E2) when he told Marisol that she would be cutting herself off financially if she insisted on ruining Hector’s life with the sordid incest tale. We just didn’t know his name yet. Now we do and we also know he has an interest in Tommy Wheeler. That was the bait Stu Feldman used to engage Dyckman in a game of golf. Despite the damaging recording Stu managed to get with Dyckman using a racial slur, Ray couldn’t make Dyckman take Joxy Maguire out of the Whittaker match.

Cathal Pendred as Joxy Maguire

Joxy Maguire gets the brass knuckle treatment

Cathal Pendred played Joxy Maguire. Ray had Daryll on standby just in case Dyckman wanted to be stubborn. At Ray’s signal, Darryl used brass knuckles to punch Joxy in the eye. Daryll used the alias Frank Guinness to befriend Joxy before that went down and Daryll used his usual “Black Irish” spiel. He has told so many people that he is Black Irish that by now, his name should be synonymous with it in L.A. boxing circles. It really shouldn’t be too hard for Joxy and his people to find out who Frank Guinness really is.

Alexander Bedria as Marco

Marco tells Bunchy that his wife was suicidal

Alexander Bedria played Teresa’s brother, Marco. Teresa does not simply have post-partum depression. She has a long history of mental instability that Bunchy knew nothing about. She has been in and out of Crestbridge since she was a young’un: at age 11, Teresa shaved all her hair off with a BIC; at 16, she gave herself third degree burns with a car lighter; and at 19, she beat the hell out of her boyfriend. Her latest admission came because she was threatening to slit her wrists. Bunchy was not deterred by any of this because Mickey convinced him Teresa will just be turned into a drugged up zombie in Crestbridge. She already was looking like one.

Angela Featherstone as a Crestbridge patient

This Crestbridge patient was a fountain of information

Angela Featherstone played a patient at Crestbridge who struck up a conversation with Mickey about Tanzanian albinos, Nostradamus and psychic children. She played a part in convincing Bunchy to take Teresa out when she told Mickey that she was in Crestbridge because she had no one who loved her. When Bunchy returned for Teresa, she informed him that people on the space station see a sunset every 92 minutes. Bunchy did not respond and kept going. She called out after him “You have kind eyes.”

Eddie Marsan as Terry Donovan

Terry showed off his Bernadette tattoo to Hector

Hector and Terry got drunk and showed each other their tattoos. In addition to the Lord is my Shepherd tattoo across his chest, Hector has a cherub, a crucifix and boxing gloves with a flag. Terry explained how his ex Bernadette got her name but Hector never heard of the 4 Tops’ hit song. Bernadette left him when his drinking and violent behavior got out of control and later died. He didn’t explain the Frances tattoo but she left Terry because he wouldn’t get Father Danny to a hospital after Bunchy shot him. Ray came along and shot Father Danny, too. That one was fatal.

Other musical references in the episode: Mickey got out of jail before he had a chance to sing Shirley Bassey’s “I Am What I Am” at the gay sing-along. We’re not sure Ray knew who Dame Shirley Bassey is because, according to Conor, all Ray knows is stuff from 1991.

Funny that he said that because he and his father were both dancing to 1986’s “Walk This Way” by Run-DMC in a Season 2 episode with the same name. This time they were dancing to “Chiwawa”

More notes:

  • Terry told Hector that the real reason he lost the first match with Whittaker was because his people have been setting him up with journeymen and that was the first real fight he had in a long time. He said that the people around Hector are afraid to force him to fix his bad habits. Looks like Terry is gonna be the one to do that now.
  • The poem that Mickey was telling Bunchy about is by e.e. cummings– i carry your heart with me (i carry it in my heart) i am never without it…
  • So are the Armenians still after Mickey? Why would they back off just because they couldn’t get at him in the jail? Mickey is bound to get into some trouble in Primm and from the looks of the preview, he’s aiming to rob Bill Primm again. That would actually be poetic justice if he can pull it off. Bill Primm pulled some hokey stuff there by not reporting that he got the 4 million Green Horseshoe haul back.
  • It also looks like the Russians are going to be after Ray in the previews of Episode 9– Goodbye Beautiful. We predict that Vlad’s a goner. But we think “Beautiful” refers to Sylvie Starr, not Vlad.
  • The Texan (Stacy Keach) was the only one who died in this episode. He and Ed Cochran (Hank Azaria) shot each other in the last episode. We can’t imagine that Ray would drop off Ed’s payoff unless Ed was awake so we assume that we will see him again in a future episode. Maybe in Season 5. Yep! Ray Donovan is getting another season.

Main Cast:
Liev Schreiber – Ray Donovan
Paula Malcomson – Abby Donovan
Eddie Marsan – Terry Donovan
Dash Mihok – Bunchy Donovan
Steven Bauer – Avi
Katherine Moennig – Lena
Pooch Hall – Daryll
Devon Bagby – Conor Donovan
Jon Voight – Mickey Donovan

Also in The Texan
Alyssa Diaz – Teresa Donovan
Lisa Bonet – Marisol Campos
Ismael Cruz Cordova – Hector Campos
Josh Pais – Stu Feldman
Stacy Keach – The Texan
Eve Harlow – Julia Swanbeck
Herbert Russell – Irish Man
Steve Bean – Mr. Marcioni
Bambi Birnbaum – Waitress
Rick Chambers – John Van Scott

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