Supporting Cast of Mister Lucky: Ray Donovan

Here are some of the actors who appeared in “Mister Lucky” (10-8-2017) in Episode 9 of “Ray Donovan,” Season 5. The episode recap is here.

Jay Thomas in Ray Donovan

I can’t reveal my sources, Ray. (Bam!) On second thought…

Rest in peace, Jay Thomas. The 69-year-old actor passed away on August 24, 2017 after a battle with cancer. As Marty Grossman, owner of Stalkarazzi, Jay first appeared in Season One and, before this episode, he was last seen in the debut episode of Season 4. We featured him in the “Volchek” supporting cast post when Bridget was involved in the Marvin Gaye Washington murder mess.

That “Dave Donovan” is lucky.

Davison Locksley played the bartender listening to the Stalkerazzi report on Ray and Natalie James while pouring a drink for Natalie’s ex-husband Rob, who got up, put Pepper the dog on the bar and left. The bartender must have recognized Rob later when the murder/suicide reports hit the news. If he still had the dog, he could have called up Marty Grossman.

I’m his father and you’re not.

Jordan Mahome played Mason King, Damon’s father. He showed up at the gym where Terry was sleeping on the floor to announce that he wanted to go in 50/50 on the boy. When he came in, he passed by a newspaper article on the wall that featured Damon Bradley. That was the first time we saw Damon’s last name. Terry was not impressed with Mason “coming out of the woodwork” the first time he saw Damon giving his father some money in the gym, and he wasn’t impressed now. He gave Mason a stern warning that if he hurts Damon, there will be consequences. Mason didn’t look intimidated at all. Damon is a grown man now and Terry should really stay out of his relationship with his father. If any of the Donovans can understand conflicted family loyalty, you would think it would be Terry. Now that Bunchy needs help, it’s unlikely that Terry will even go back to New York right away.

It’s my domicile … I’m Acid Man.

Jake Busey played Acid Man, a thoroughly unexpected obstacle in Bunchy’s quest to recover his stolen settlement money. Acid Man killed Dime Bag’s partner, Freddy, even before Bunchy and Dime Bag got in that house. It made you wonder where Destiny, Acid Man’s wife, was. Maybe Bunchy and Dime Bag should have bailed the hell out of there when they saw Freddy’s body but there was Bunchy’s money, right there for the taking. Now Dime Bag is dead and Bunchy is gonna want to go back and get that money. Incidentally, we were expecting at least a mention of where baby Maria, Bunchy’s daughter, is. We assume that when Bunchy went to jail and didn’t pick up Maria, the daycare lady was somehow able to get a hold of Teresa. What good will getting the money back do Bunchy if Teresa leaves him for Zorro Astuto?

Other Notes:

  • Derek Webster returned to his role as Jackson Holt, Assistant D.A. Back in Season 3, Holt put Mickey in jail for the Minassian massacre and later let him out. The Armenians had a hit out on Mickey and sent someone to the jail to murder Mickey. Ray enlisted the help of his former nemesis and former head of the FBI, Ed Cochran, to get Mickey out. Now Jackson Holt has been called in on Jay White’s claim that Mickey and Daryll are blackmailing him over the death of Sensei Shoota Koizumi.
  • Mickey to Daryll: “No offense, Daryll, but if you couldn’t whistle, you wouldn’t know which end of yourself to wipe.”
  • Too bad Dime Bag didn’t get to stick around a little longer. His stories were even more amusing than George’s. Dime Bag turned to a life of crime because he had dysgraphia. “I see numbers backwards,” he said. When he and Freddy hit a big $15K score on one of their outings, he took his half, bought a school bus and headed to Paris, Texas to see the Eiffel Tower. He got lost and ended up in Venus. Maybe that’s why Freddy didn’t want to share the $1.2 million haul with him.
  • The Mister Lucky theme went on throughout the whole episode. They played the O’Jays song “They Call Me Mr. Lucky,” and at one point, Mickey was singing it. Mickey’s rewritten “Four Leaf” script was going to be called “Mister Lucky.” Cary Grant had a movie in 1943 called “Mr. Lucky,” although George did not bring that up when he was talking about the actor. But luck ran out for Freddy, Dime Bag, Natalie and Rob in this episode and it looks like it’s going to run out for a lot of other people before the season ends.

Main Cast:
Liev Schreiber – Ray Donovan
Paula Malcomson – Abby Donovan
Eddie Marsan – Terry Donovan
Dash Mihok – Bunchy Donovan
Jon Voight – Mickey Donovan
Pooch Hall – Daryll Donovan
Kerris Dorsey – Bridget Donovan

Also in Mister Lucky

Susan Sarandon – Samantha “Sam” Winslow
Keir O’Donnell – George
Adina Porter – Vicky Delgatti
Brian White – Jay White
Donald Faison – Antoine A’Shawn Anderson
Peter Holden – Alec Ward (Jay White’s lawyer)
Lili Simmons – Natalie James
Rhys Coiro – Rob Heard
Graham Rogers – Smitty
Ryan Dorsey – Duquesne “Dime Bag” Baker
Ryan Radis – Beckett
Katlynn Simone – Maia
Kacey Montoya – Sandy Gagic
Orson Chaplin – Freddy
Sofia Yepes – Misha
Zackary Arthur – Freddy Jr.
Zander Hodgson – Hustler/BDSM Angel
Ric Sarabia – Leather Daddy
Kelli Kirkland – Linda

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