Slumdog Millionaire: 2008 Best Picture

“Slumdog Millionaire” won 8 Oscars out of its 10 nominations at the 81st Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director (Danny Boyle). The other Best Picture nominees were “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”, “Frost/Nixon”, “Milk” and “The Reader”.

Sean Penn picked up the Best Actor Oscar for “Milk” and Kate Winslet was the Best Actress in “The Reader”. Heath Ledger won Best Supporting Actor posthumously for “The Dark Knight” and Penélope Cruz won Best Supporting Actress for “Vicky Cristina Barcelona”.

The Top 10 Box Office hits for 2008 were “The Dark Knight”, “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”, “Kung Fu Panda”, “Hancock”, “Mamma Mia!”, “Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa”, “Quantum of Solace”, “Iron Man”, “WALL-E” and “The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

More 2008 titles: “The Visitor”, “The Wrestler”, “Rachel Getting Married”, “Changeling”, “Frozen River”, “Doubt”, “Tropic Thunder”, “Gran Torino”, “Revolutionary Road”, “Rambo”, “The Other Boleyn Girl”, “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”, “Pineapple Express” and “Burn After Reading”

Jeopardy! clues on “Slumdog Millionaire”
OSCAR-WINNING SCREENPLAYS $800: 2008: Simon Beaufoy, from the novel “Q & A” by Vikas Swarup
FILL IN THE BEST PICTURE TITLE $1200: 2008, things are much different behind the scenes at “Jeopardy!”: “S.M.”
GOLDEN GLOBE WINNERS $600: This India-set film, 2008’s Best Motion Picture Drama
SAG AWARD FOR MOVIE CAST $1200: 2008: A story of game showmanship on the subcontinent
POP CULTURE $400: Hindi actor Dev Patel cashed in as the title character in this 2008 Best Picture Oscar winner
MOVIE SYNOPSES $200: 2008: Poor Mumbai teen wins big on a game show, is accused of cheating
OSCAR WINNERS IN 2009 $400: This film’s 8 Oscars included one for original song “Jai Ho”
FAST FRIENDS: In “Slumdog Millionaire” Jamal & Salim are musketeers, calling themselves Athos & him

More 2008 film clues:
FILMED IN HAWAII $1600: Part-time Kauai resident Ben Stiller used the island as a substitute for the jungles of Vietnam for this 2008 film
LITERARY BYWAYS $2000: Frank & April Wheeler start out as a model 1950s couple in this Richard Yates novel made into a 2008 film
“DARK” MOVIES $400: Morgan Freeman played Lucius Fox, a valued employee of Wayne Enterprises, in this 2008 film
GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT $400: Ram Jam is a ’70s rock group & the trademark move Mickey Rourke’s character performed in this 2008 film
BUTLER $1200: “Some men just want to watch the world burn”, says this butler in a 2008 film
NUN $1200: In this 2008 film, Amy Adams tells Meryl Streep, “the students are all uniformly terrified of you”
ALSO A BEVERAGE $600: Dustin Lance Black won an Oscar for writing this 2008 film
“GIRL” MOVIES $1200: Natalie Portman & Scarlett Johansson play sisters vying for Henry VIII’s affection in this 2008 film
COPPING OUT AT THE MOVIES $800: No jokering around! Gary Oldman’s James Gordon got a promotion to commissioner in this 2008 film
PLAYING HIMSELF $2000: As the 2008 film was called “JCVD”, it would’ve been hard for anyone but this Belgian to play the title role
SHOWING YOU THE ANNE HATHAWAY $1000: Anne got an Oscar nomination for this 2008 film in which she was the troubled sister of the bride
ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY $1200: The title of the 2008 cover story on Tina Fey was “One Hot Mama”, referring to the title of this film she starred in
SUPER $800: The title superhero of this 2008 film shares his name with a signer of the Declaration of Independence
THE MOVIES $400: Maggie Gyllenhaal took over the role of Rachel Dawes in this 2008 Batman film
MOVIE TAG LINES $800: This WWII film from 2008 had the tag “Many saw evil. They dared to stop it”
I’M SORRY DAVE $600: A 2008 Best Picture nominee hinges on whether a former president will apologize during an interview with this man
PET PROJECTS $200: When we first meet this title character in a 2008 Pixar film, his only friend is his pet, cockroach, Hal
PET PROJECTS $800: When Andi & Bruce need to find a place for their pup to live, they create this title lodging in a 2008 film
SPIKE LEE $2000: Set in 1944 Italy, this 2008 Spike Lee film told the story of 4 black American soldiers trapped in a Tuscan village
CRY $1600: Try not to sob as Owen Wilson, Jennifer Aniston & their kids hold a funeral for the family dog in this 2008 film
MAD PROPS $1200: How ’bout a helmet made of omnium steel, based on Tony Stark’s original plans, from this 2008 film
HIGH-TECH CINEMA $1200: Shia LaBeouf is tracked & controlled with technology of everyday life in this 2008 film
VEGAS FILMS $600: The title of this 2008 Cameron Diaz-Ashton Kutcher film was inspired by a Sin City slogan
SUPERHERO CINEMA $600: Talk about poor coping skills! In this 2008 action film Edward Norton turns into a monster when he’s stressed
SUPERHERO CINEMA $1000: Jason Bateman plays P.R. exec Ray Embrey, whose life is saved by the title sardonic superhero in this 2008 film
MOVIE TITLES! $400: James Bond sings! well, Pierce Brosnan did, anyway, in this 2008 ABBA-tastic film

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