Shakespeare in Love: 1998 Best Picture

“Shakespeare in Love” (13) and “Saving Private Ryan” (11) were the two most nominated films at the 71st Academy Awards. The former won Best Picture and Steven Spielberg won best director for the latter. The other Best Picture nominees were “Elizabeth”, “The Thin Red Line” and “Life is Beautiful”, which was also nominated — and won — for Best Foreign Language Film. Robert Benigno picked up the Best Actor Oscar for his role in “Life is Beautiful.”

Gwyneth Paltrow and Judi Dench won Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress, respectively, for “Shakespeare in Love”. James Coburn won Best Supporting Actor for “Affliction”.

The Top 10 hits at the box office were “Armageddon”, “Saving Private Ryan”, “Godzilla”, “There’s Something About Mary”, “A Bug’s Life”, “Deep Impact”, “Mulan”, “Dr. Dolittle”, “Shakespeare in Love” and “Lethal Weapon 4”.

More 1998 film titles: “Pleasantville”, “The Truman Show”, “Central Station”, “A Civil Action”, “The Mask of Zorro”, “Out of Sight”, “Primary Colors”, “Beloved”, “The Big Lebowski”, “You’ve Got Mail”, “The Prince of Egypt” and “Antz”.

Jeopardy! clues on “Shakespeare in Love”
WHERE’S OSCAR? $200: Gwyneth Paltrow keeps her 1998 Oscar for this film in storage, saying, “I don’t want that thing in my house”
A JUDI DENCH FILM FESTIVAL $400: Judi played Queen Elizabeth I in a brief but Oscar-winning performance in this film
’90s FILM QUOTES $1000: “Let us have pirates, clowns and a happy ending, or we shall send you back to Stratford to your wife”
BEST ACTRESS OSCAR BY FILM $600: “Shakespeare in Love”
MOVIES BY ROLES $2,000 (Daily Double): 1998: Richard Burbage, Queen Elizabeth, Viola de Lesseps
BEST PICTURES IN OTHER WORDS $200: 1998: “‘Twelfth Night’ Writer’s Amorous Adventures”

More 1998 film clues:
MASTER CARD $2000: In a 1998 film, Trey Parker & Matt Stone are virtuosos at this sports hybrid
PI $600: For about $19,100 x pi, this “Black Swan” director made “Pi”, his 1998 debut film about a math whiz
TOUCHÉ $200: In a 1998 film Antonio Banderas as this swordsman wreaks havoc on Catherine Zeta-Jones’ clothing
NO. 1 AT THE BOX OFFICE $600: “There was only one man left in the family, and the mission was to save him” was a tagline to this 1998 film
RED BOOK $2000: Made into a 1998 film, this James Jones novel fictionalizes the “narrow”ly won battle for Guadalcanal
ANTHONY HOPKINS FILMS $1600: It was Anthony Hopkins for whom death (Brad Pitt) came calling in this 1998 film
AT THE MOVIE THEATER $1600: 1998’s “The Last Broadcast” was the 1st film shown theatrically using this type of distribution & projection
XMAS NEWS & NOTES $1200: (Sarah of the Clue Crew reports from outside a display window in New York.) In 1998, Macy’s introduced holiday window displays honoring this classic film; now you’ll see them appropriately in the windows facing 34th Street
STEVE BUSCEMI FILMS $1200: As Donny, Steve didn’t live to see the end of this 1998 Coen Brothers film… but The Dude abides
WARREN BEATTY $800: Warren Beatty plays a disillusioned senator who falls for Halle Berry in this 1998 film
QUASI-PRESIDENTIAL CINEMA $1200: Peter Weir got an Oscar nomination for directing this 1998 film about a man trapped in a real-time 24-hour-a-day documentary
“B”EOPLE $2000: This British horror novelist was executive producer of the 1998 film “Gods and Monsters”
STUPID SHOW BIZ ANSWERS $400: Mike Myers flexed his powers to play Studio 54 owner Steve Rubell in this 1998 film
TED DANSON THE NIGHT AWAY $400 (Daily Double): In 1998, Danson was WWII Capt. Fred Hamill as Tom Hanks attempted this film title feat
MOVIE TITLE PAIRS $2000: A 1998 film about musician sisters: “Hilary and ____”
GEOGRAPHIC FILM & TV $2000: The fact that “This is not a good town for psychedelic drugs” doesn’t stop the main character in this 1998 film
ADAM SANDLER $1000: I played tackling machine & H2O enthusiast in this 1998 film
BLOCKBUSTER BLUSTER $800: As Leo Getz, he annoyed Riggs & Murtaugh in 1998’s “Lethal Weapon 4”, his latest film as of early 2006
THE ACADEMY AWARDS $800: For 1998, this Italian movie won Best Foreign Film & its star Roberto Benigni won Best Actor
ADAM SANDLER FILMS $600: Adam crooned his way into Drew Barrymore’s heart in this “matrimonial” 1998 film
ALLISON JANNEY WAS IN THAT? $200: Before working in “The West Wing”, Allison stumbled into a tryst with candidate John Travolta in this 1998 film
REESE’S PIECES $1200: In this 1998 film Reese helps bring color to the lives of characters in a 1950s B&W TV sitcom
MOVIE MAGIC $1000: In a 1998 film, Nicole Kidman & this “Miss Congeniality” star are sisters with a gift for “Practical Magic”
BRUCE WILLIS $1,200 (Daily Double): This Bruce Willis film premiered in 1998 at the Kennedy Space Center
KIDS $400: In this 1998 film Julia Roberts played the title character & young Jena Malone had to cope with her
LIT ON FILM $400: John Malkovich helps rescue Leonardo DiCaprio’s Philippe, the title character of this 1998 film
STONED $300: In the 1998 animated film “Antz”, she provided the voice of Princess Bala, the daughter of the queen ant
DISNEY FILM VOICES $800: (Hi, I’m Donny Osmond.) I provided the singing voice of Captain Shang for this 1998 animated Disney film
THE MOVIES $1000: Thandie Newton played the mysterious title role in this 1998 film based on a Toni Morrison novel
4-LETTER FILMS $200: In 1998 Woody Allen went buggy as the voice of Z in this animated film
“RED”, “WHITE” & “BLUE” $600: Sean Penn & Nick Nolte were among the soldiers at Guadalcanal in this 1998 war film
INTELLIGENT FILMS $600: A Greek symbol serves as the title of this 1998 film about an eccentric math whiz
NEW YORK CINEMA $500: Tea Leoni & the Big Apple are destroyed by a tidal wave when a meteor hits the Earth in this 1998 disaster film
THE OSCARS $400: Upon winning Best Director for this 1998 film, Steven Spielberg said, “Am I allowed to say I really wanted this?”
TV TO FILM $100: An ad line for this 1998 film read, “On June 19 Take Your Greatest Fear and Multiply it By X”
MOVIE REVIEWS $500: USA Today said that Meg Ryan & Tom Hanks “Should win a Nobel Prize for Chemistry” for this 1998 film
MILITARY MOVIES $600: A Chinese girl joins the Imperial Army to fight the Huns in this 1998 Disney film
NOTE-ABLE WOMEN $200: Emily Watson earned an Oscar nomination for playing cellist Jacqueline du Pre in this 1998 film
MICHELLE PFEIFFER PFILMS $200: Tzipporah, the future bride of Moses, was voiced by Michelle in this 1998 animated film
MOVIES ABOUT THE MOVIES $1000: The 1998 film “Gods and Monsters” presents the last days of this director of “Frankenstein”
CINDERELLA STORIES $400: Drew Barrymore drew on the Cinderella story for this 1998 film
HOW SOON WE FORGET $400: At age 70, this former action star won the 1998 Best Supporting Actor Oscar for “Affliction”
BEACH MOVIES $200: The first 20 minutes of this 1998 film recreate the storming of the beaches of Normandy on D-Day
STAGE ACTORS $200: In 1998 this film director made his Broadway acting debut in “Wait Until Dark” & that’s no “Pulp Fiction”
ARTSY FILMS $300: In the 1998 film version of this Dickens novel, the hero not only pines for Estella, he sketches her
WARNER $600: This Michael Crichton novel was shaped into a 1998 Warner Bros. film by Barry Levinson
MOVIE MUSIC: The end credits for this 1998 film with Woody Allen feature the song “High Hopes”
RECENT MOVIES: The young John Webster, who grew up to write “The Duchess of Malfi”, is a character in this 1998 film
COMPOSERS: “Reaching for the Note” was the subtitle of a 1998 film about this American music legend who died in 1990

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