Schindler’s List: 1993 Best Picture

“Schindler’s List” was the most nominated film (12) at the 66th Academy Awards and it won 7 Oscars including Best Picture and Best Director (Steven Spielberg).

Best Actor, however, went to Tom Hanks for “Philadelphia” and Best Actress went to Holly Hunter for “The Piano”. Tommy Lee Jones won Best Supporting Actor for “The Fugitive” and 11-year-old Anna Paquin won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for “The Piano”.

The Top 10 Box Office hits were: “Jurassic Park”, “Mrs Doubtfire”, “The Fugitive”, “Schindler’s List, “The Firm”, “Indecent Proposal”, “Cliffhanger”, “Sleepless in Seattle”, “Philadelphia” and “The Pelican Brief.”

More 1993 films: “Groundhog Day”, “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, “In the Line of Fire”, “What’s Love Got to Do with It?”, “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape”, “The Age of Innocence”, “A Bronx Tale”, “Coneheads”, “Demolition Man”, and “The Last Action Hero”.

Jeopardy! clues on “Schindler’s List”
LIAM NEESON $400: in this 1993 film Liam said, “Stern, if this factory ever produces a shell that can actually be fired, I’ll be very unhappy”
HOW’S THE SCREENPLAY GOING, STEVE? $2000: Steven Zaillian said hello to both Oscar & Oskar in penning this 1993 film set in WWII Poland
FROM PAGE TO SCREEN: A 13-page document typed on April 18, 1945 with the names of 801 men inspired a 1982 book & this 1993 film
FILM DIRECTORS $400: In 1993 he was given permission to build a replica of Auschwitz near the actual site & film there
MAKING A LIST $300: A line from this 1993 movie is “The list is life”
FILM STARS $500: To play the role of Nazi Amon Goeth in “Schindler’s List”, this actor gained about 25 pounds

More 1993 clues:
MOVIES & POLITICS $1000: Kevin Kline comes to the White House & solves unemployment in this 1993 film
30 YEARS $800: Having failed to protect JFK, Clint Eastwood tries to thwart a new assassin 30 years later in this 1993 film
1993: 20 YEARS AGO IN FILM $200: Robin Williams based much of this title character on his childhood nanny
1993: 20 YEARS AGO IN FILM $400: Jack Lemmon & Walter Matthau were a pair of disagreeable codgers in this comedy
1993: 20 YEARS AGO IN FILM $600: Holly Hunter played the musical pieces herself in this film set in 1850s New Zealand
1993: 20 YEARS AGO IN FILM $800: This macabre animated holiday fest was inspired by a poem Tim Burton wrote in the 1980s
1993: 20 YEARS AGO IN FILM $1000: The title star of this film was indeed released & lived the rest of its days in the fjords of Norway
MOVIES ON THE MAP $400: 1993 Tom Hanks / Denzel Washington film
THE CINEMA $200: In this 1993 film, Richard Attenborough thinks, What could possibly go wrong with a dinosaur theme park?
MUSICAL MOVIE TITLES $400: Harvey Keitel agrees to deliver the title instrument to Holly Hunter in this 1993 film
TCM WITH ROBERT OSBORNE $800: (Turner Classic Movies’s Robert Osbourne gives the clue.) For this 1993 film, Brad Pitt practiced fly-fishing on the roof of his Hollywood apartment building, sometimes catching the hook in his head
MOVIE MR. & MRS. $400: For that dude to look like a lady in this 1993 film, Robin Williams had to undergo makeup sessions 4 1/2 hours long
KEEPING UP WITH THE JONES $1600: In a 1993 film, after Harrison Ford tells this actor, “I didn’t kill my wife”, he replies, “I don’t care”
NOW PLAYING AT THE OEDIPUS COMPLEX $1000: Johnny Depp’s mom is a morbidly obese shut-in who hasn’t left the house in 7 years in this 1993 film
THE HOUSE OF BURGESS MEREDITH $1600: Burgess swigs some booze & calls it breakfast as Grandpa Gustafson in this 1993 Lemmon-Matthau film
COLD MOVIES $1600: The Uruguayan rugby team has a bad day & not enough seasoning in this 1993 Ethan Hawke film
THAT’S MY MOVIE! $1600: Ho ho no! Oogie Boogie holds Santa hostage in this 1993 film, “Tim Burton’s…”
SNOW BUSINESS LIKE SHOW BUSINESS $200: A newsman’s stuck in a snowy Penn. town in this 1993 film. A newsman’s stuck in a snowy Penn. town in this 1993 film
HI YA, MAYA! $1000: Maya wrote all the original poems performed by this actress in the 1993 film “Poetic Justice”
THE MOVIES $1200: John Malkovich forces Secret Service agent Clint Eastwood back on presidential detail in this 1993 film
MEL GIBSON $2000: Mel made his directorial debut in this 1993 film in which he played a scarred teacher who mentors a 12-year-old boy
ALL ABOUT FOOTBALL $2000: Jason Miller, who was a lifelong fan of Notre Dame played this great coach of the ’60s & ’70s in the 1993 film “Rudy”
MEL BROOKS FILMS $200: Mel Brooks’ 1993 film “Robin Hood” had this subtitle
BALLET $800: If you’re “Home Alone”, you may want to rent the 1993 film of “The Nutcracker”, with this young star in the title role
CANNES $1000: In 1993 this female director from New Zealand won the Cannes Film Festival’s Palm D’Or
INTELLIGENT FILMS $100: A 7-year-old chess prodigy is at the center of this 1993 film that mentions an American chess prodigy in its title
OSCAR, OSCAR $300: She lost with 2 Oscar nominations for 1993 films, “In the Name of the Father” & “The Remains of the Day”
“JOY” SHTICK $600: This 1993 film starred Kieu Chinh & Tamlyn Tomita
ACTORS & THEIR FILMS $400: Hal Holbrook played the head of a sinister group of lawyers in this 1993 film based on a novel
“SIX” PACK $500: Kevin Bacon was not in this 1993 film, but Will Smith & Donald Sutherland were
UNIVERSAL STUDIOS ISLANDS OF ADVENTURE $300: A T-rex attacks just before you take an 85-foot plunge on the ride named for this 1993 film
COURTROOM DRAMAS $400: Ambulance chaser Denzel Washington represents Tom Hanks against the main line law firm that fired him in this 1993 film
PEOPLE $800: This 11-year-old girl won an Oscar for a 1993 film
SAY, “WHAT”? $800: Leonardo DiCaprio received an Oscar nomination for playing the mentally-disabled Arnie in this 1993 Johnny Depp film
DINOSAUR LORE $500: Term for a meat-eating dinosaur like the Tyrannosaurus, or the title of a 1993 Roger Corman film
THE MOVIES $250 (Daily Double): (Hi, I’m Jane Curtin.) For this 1993 film I reprised my role as parental unit Prymaat
TALES TO TELL $1,000 (Daily Double): This 1993 Robert Altman film was based on a few tales of Raymond Carver
BUFF ACTORS $600: Holly Hunter was speechless when Harvey Keitel exposed himself in this 1993 film
CINE DE BANDERAS $200: In this 1993 film Antonio played Tom Hanks’ lover
REPUBLICANS $500: In the 1993 film “Born Yesterday”, this future U.S. senator played a U.S. senator
TEENS ON FILM $1000: In a 1993 film, these title “kids” try to keep jazz alive in Nazi Germany
#2959, aired 1997-06-12 SINGERS $800: 1 of the 3 singers on the 1993 No. 1 hit “All For Love” from the film “The Three Musketeers”
SINGERS WHO ACT $100: This Jackson made her film debut in 1993 as a poetry-writing beautician in John Singleton’s “Poetic Justice”
CANNES PALME D’OR WINNERS $600: This 1993 Holly Hunter film set in New Zealand tied with “Farewell My Concubine”
THE MOVIES $400: Robin Williams co-produced this 1993 film in which he played his estranged wife’s female housekeeper
FILMS OF THE ’90s $200: Erika Eleniak was featured as Elly May Clampett in this 1993 film
SHAKESPEARE $600: Kenneth Branagh & Emma Thompson played Benedick & Beatrice in the 1993 film version of this comedy
1993 MOVIES $100: With a gross of over $330 million, this Steven Spielberg film was the big hit of 1993
RECENT FILMS $200: Sela Ward of “Sisters” plays Helen Kimble in this 1993 film

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