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Guy Williams! I just finished binge-watching the Amazon series, “Goliath” and every time I saw Karl Stoltz (Rigo’s character), I was like, “Word! It’s Zorro.” Well, not the last time he appears in the series for sure, but just about every other time. Now I know other actors, like Antonio Banderas, have played Zorro but, to me, Guy Williams is Zorro.

Hopefully, if Rigo ever sees this, he takes it as a compliment because it is certainly meant that way. Guy Williams was considered to be one of the most handsome TV actors when he starred as Zorro & Don Diego in the Disney series (1957-1961).

Guy Williams as Zorro

Guy Williams as Zorro

After that series ended, Guy got a role on “Bonanza” as Will Cartwright, Ben’s nephew. There has long been a rumor that Guy was written out of the series because he presented a threat to Michael Landon’s status as the show’s “heartthrob,” Little Joe. Other accounts say it was because Pernell Roberts (Adam) changed his mind about leaving. Whichever, after 5 episodes, he swept Adam’s fiancĂ©e off her feet with his dashing good looks and rode off into the sunset with her.

Rigo plays a bad guy in “Goliath,” who is always around before bad things happen. He is usually dressed in all black, which no doubt adds to that Zorro impression. Rigo could definitely play Zorro and even Guy Williams in a biopic.

Rigo Sanchez as Karl Stoltz in Goliath

Rigo Sanchez as Karl Stoltz in Goliath

“Goliath” stars Billy Bob Thornton as lawyer Billy McBride. He believes Rigo Sanchez’ character, Stoltz, was hired to sabotage his case by the company he is suing. Proving that is one of his aims.

The entire first season of “Goliath” is only available on Amazon. It’s free if you already have Amazon Prime, or you can just subscribe to Amazon Video if you find their service interesting.

David E. Kelley, one of the show’s creators, was interviewed by the Hollywood Reporter. He said the series could get another season, and if so, there would be a new case for Billy McBride. I would definitely watch it.

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