Ride or Die Recap: Shameless

Fiona and V repaired their friendship in Episode 10 of Season 7, while another relationship, besides Frank and Monica’s, picked up where they left off.

Miss me? ~ Mickey Milkovitch

So– Ian did miss Mickey after all. While leaving for work, a man bumped into Ian hard, dropped a cell phone and kept going. It rang and Ian picked it up, knowing darned well who was going to be on the other end. Mickey gave him instructions on where to meet him. At work, Ian couldn’t concentrate so he claimed he was sick and went to meet Mickey. Instead, he was thrown in a van by some guys who jumped out of the back of it. They took him to a football field. When Mickey appeared in their “spot” (under the bleachers), Ian angrily pushed him for having him kidnapped. Mickey explained that his Mexican cellmate, Damon, was helping him out, a fake ID was in the works and he was headed to Mexico. He wants Ian to go with him. Ian got another cell phone to contact Mickey.

So what are his obstacles? A good job, as his sister pointed out, and a boyfriend, as he pointed out to Mickey (who said, “then what are you doing here?”) But these are not enough and after all was said and done, Ian could not resist the call of true love and took off with Mickey. Will he be gone long enough to lose his job and Trevor or will Mickey get captured?

Speaking of losing your job, Lip almost lost his dishwasher gig at Pasty’s Pie, coming into work all wasted. A waitress named Olivia asked Sierra what to do about it, but Sierra said she couldn’t get involved and suggested Olivia let Fiona know. When Fiona showed up and sent Lip home, he blamed Sierra anyway. He ended up breaking into Helene Runyon’s home through a window in a blackout. She found him disoriented and confused in her living room, probably smelling like a brewery. Helene told him to get help sent him on his way. Outside, Lip broke down crying and made his way to an AA meeting.

Everybody gets robbed sooner or later. It’s the only way to balance out the economy! ~ Frank Gallagher

Monica showed Frank what was in her guitar case and it wasn’t a guitar. She had a rifle and masks. Her “plan” to leave her kids some money was to rob a police station evidence room. When that didn’t work out, they tried a check cashing store and almost got themselves shot. They enlisted the help of Neil to rob a casino bus. After Neil pretended the bus hit him, Frank robbed the retirees on the bus, while Monica drove. Debbie gave them a piece of her mind when they got home. She made Frank and Monica give Neil a $500 cut of the haul, then kicked them out. Unfortunately, Frank left the rifle behind and we hope that doesn’t cause more trouble for Debbie with DCFS.

You are big lovable poppa but you are stupid manager. ~ Svetlana

Svetlana didn’t feel that getting Kev and V to sign The Alibi over to her was fraudulent. She just thought they were stupid for not reading the documents she tricked them into signing and that it was only right that she be the legal owner of The Alibi because Kev and V were running it into the ground. Fiona told Kev to consult with Rick Encarnacion, the lawyer who helped her get divorced from Gus. “He’s a shark.” V was at home burning up Svetlana’s belongings on the front lawn.

They get to play lots of bingo. They love that.

Margo just could not understand Fiona’s resistance to her offer to buy the laundromat. She started out with an $80K offer that she upped to $90K when Fiona brought up the money she put into repairs. Margo just kept thinking that Fiona was holding out for more money, even when Fiona told her about the promise to Etta that she and her cats wouldn’t have to move and how her sister is working there. Margo’s final offer was $160K, double what Fiona paid. When she patched up her friendship with V, Fiona expressed some guilt over Etta and Debbie, but really, she would have been a total fool to turn that down!

Guest Stars and Co-Stars in Ride or Die

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