Supporting Cast: Ride or Die – Shameless

Here are the actors and actresses who appeared in Episode 10, Season 7 of Shameless (12-4-16): The recap of the episode is here.

Noel Fisher as Mickey Milkovitch in Shameless

Wanna go to Mexico with me and my Mexican banger hit man cellmate?

Noel Fisher made his long anticipated return as Mickey Milkovich. He was last seen in the Season 6 opener when Svetlana paid Ian to visit him in jail. At the time, he said he had something like 8 years on his attempted homicide sentence (he tried to kill Sammi), but he didn’t feel like waiting that long. He busted out and now Ian is on board with his plans to run off to Mexico.

Mario Cortez as the SWAT Team leader

Report all clothing robberies to Level One

Mario Cortez played the SWAT team leader who came upon Frank and Monica in the initial stage of their brilliant plan to rob the police evidence room. Frank did some pretty quick thinking, claiming he was robbed and forced to strip, when the officer demanded to know where Frank’s clothes were. Apparently, Frank and Monica took off after that since part of their plan was starting a fire and that didn’t happen.

Roz Browne and Damon Standifer in Shameless

Which one of y’all junkies wants to cash a check?

Roz Browne played Reece and Damon Standifer played Craig, employees at the check cashing place that Frank and Monica decided to rob next. They know how to handle would-be robbers.

A.J. Rivera in Shameless

OMG! How did that happen?

A.J. Rivera played the casino bus driver, who thought he hit Neil in his wheelchair until Monica drove off with his bus while Frank robbed the passengers. Even though he can at least identify Neil, we think the Southside cops are too busy looking for Mickey and Damon to care.

Jo Farkas in Shameless

Here’s all you’re getting off me

Jo Farkas played the little old lady on the bus who flipped Frank the bird. Everyone else gave up their money willingly since he was armed. Didn’t Monica say she filled the weapons with rock salt?

Also in Episode 10
Main Cast:
William H. Macy – Frank Gallagher
Emmy Rossum – Fiona Gallagher
Jeremy Allen White – Lip Gallagher
Cameron Monaghan – Ian Gallagher
Emma Kenney – Debbie Gallagher
Ethan Cutkowsky – Carl Gallagher
Brenden and Brandon Sims – Liam Gallagher

Series Regulars:
Steve Howie – Kevin Ball
Shanola Hampton – Veronica Fisher
Isidora Goreshter – Svetlana

Patsy’s Pies People:
Sharon Lawrence – Margo
Tate Ellington – Chad
Ruby Modine – Sierra
Andrea Ellsworth – Didi
Suteara Vaughn – Ariel
London Thor – Olivia

More Guest and Co-Stars:
Chloe Webb – Monica Gallagher
June Squibb – Etta
Elliot Fletcher – Trevor
Zack Pearlman – Neil
Sasha Alexander – Helene Runyon
Oscar Nunez – Rick Encarnacion
Joseph Lucero – Damon
Rachel Cerda – Officer Santos
Michael Cienfuegos – Clerk
Lorenzo Clemons – Deen
Alexandra Geschwind – Nona
Reatha Grey – Bessie
Sean Moran – Doug

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