Ray Donovan Season 5 Trailer featuring Susan Sarandon

Oh, happy day! That will be the first Sunday in August when Season 5 of Ray Donovan debuts on Showtime and here is the official trailer:

Susan Sarandon will be playing the part of Samantha Winslow, a media mogul, which of course means she’s filthy rich, but she has problems with her fixers so she hires Ray, who is THE fixer of all fixers. We already knew that and we thought everyone in L.A. did too, so already it’s kind of strange that Samantha needs a fixer for her fixers, when… oh, well, nevermind. Let’s not pick the season apart before it even starts. We really think it’s a good premise. We always wondered why Ray seemed to be the only fixer in town.

Other new characters in Season 5 are: Lili Simmons, who will be playing Natalie James, the star of a big movie franchise. It looks like she’s gonna be a problem for Ray in an Ashley kind of way. Brian White will be appearing as Jay, a big-time rapper, actor and producer. Adina Porter will be a fixer named Vicky Delgatti. Cool, a female fixer.

The trailer shows there’s lots of trouble on the horizon. Bridget apparently has a new love in her life. Bunchy and Mickey end up in the hospital after Bridget calls the police. Terry is having a romance with Tara Buck, the cop from last season played by Maureen Dougherty, but something threatens it. General Hospital’s Billy Miller will be playing Tara’s brother, Todd, also a cop.

Although we don’t see him in the trailer, Dominique Columbus tweeted back in February that he will be returning as Terry’s protege, Damon.

And Frank Barnes is back to hassle Mickey. The season just wouldn’t be complete without Michael McGrady’s character!

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