Mixed Reactions to Kim Kardashian Robbery

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian West is back in the United States with her family after she was reportedly the victim of an armed robbery in Paris. A gun was held to Kim’s head when five men gained entrance to the apartment she was staying in at a luxury private mansion. They tricked the concierge into thinking they were with the police, then forced him to unlock the door. She was then bound and forced into a bathtub while the men made off with about 10 million in jewelry and others items.

There was an outpouring of support and comfort for Kim from celebrities and fans. Others thought it was a staged robbery or made fun of it. Jimmy Kimmel joked that “somehow these guys found the one moment this decade that this woman wasn’t surrounded by 40 people with cameras, and they took advantage of it.”

Kardashian was criticized by many for showing off her jewelry on social media, including fashion designer Karl Lagerfield. One diamond ring alone that she is said to have shown off on social media was worth over 4 million dollars. The Wests’ former bodyguard, Steve Stanulis said he was certain it was an inside job.

Pop culture expert Lex Jurgens said he doubted that the incident was staged for publicity, noting that Kim Kardashian “has so many ways to get publicity that don’t involve her getting arrested for lying to the police.”

How do you sell $10 million in stolen jewelry?, CNN Money wondered, while others were aghast that there were no security cameras running. Not sure what good that would have done in terms of apprehending the perps, though, since they were reportedly masked. Even if someone gets arrested in connection with this crime, Kim Kardashian would not be able to identify any suspects.

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  1. Cece says:

    Did Lochte coach her?