Lake Hollywood Recap: Ray Donovan

In “Lake Hollywood” (Ray Donovan S4 E10, 8-28-2016), Ray attempts to get Avi back from the Russians, while his family lives in fear. Hector loses it when the prospect of losing his wife and child presents itself.

The episode began with Ray, Daryll and Lena stealing some very valuable art from Jacob Waller. Ray told Waller that Dmitri Sokolov would get his art back when he got Avi back. Then he went to the Fite Club and told Terry he had to shut it down for a while because they were all in danger. Terry wasn’t having that. In Bunchy’s room, Ray found the bag of money from Primm. Bunchy told him what happened. After Silvie was shot, Bunchy said Mickey went nuts and killed everyone. Ray told Bunchy to go to Calabasas. On his way out, Ray asked Mickey if he was out of his mind, killing Bill Primm. Mickey said he put one million aside for Ray and Ray said he didn’t want it. He said Bunchy would need it for his lawyers. Mickey explained how the situation got out of control in Primm, saying no one needed to get hurt. Ray pointed out that someone always does and asked Mickey when he was going to put his family first. Under the circumstances, that sure was the pot calling the kettle black.

Hector’s wife, Jessica, showed up at the gym with their daughter, Stella. Marisol went to their home and, as is her specialty, said horrible things. Jessica told Hector that she was leaving him and taking Stella to Montreal. Hector pleaded with her to stay as she left the gym. Terry wanted him to continue training but Hector said he’d be back in an hour. He didn’t go after Jessica. He went straight to Marisol’s house and drowned her in the bathtub.

After more than an hour passed, Terry asked Punch for Marisol’s address. Punch reminded Terry that he works for Hector. Punch said if Terry went over there, he’d get himself fired. Terry insisted and when he got to Marisol’s, Hector was coming out the door. He told Terry that he found Marisol dead in the bathtub and Terry called Ray.

Ray arrived at Marisol’s and told Terry to leave and act like he had never been there. Hector admitted to killing Marisol and Ray said he knew it. Hector offered Ray anything he wanted to get him out of this but Ray said “Goodbye, Hector,” and went off to meet Sokolov.

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The Russian mob boss was having a fancy meal and watching “The Kremlin Bleeds,” a Butch Kramer feature film. Sokolov knew that Ray had worked for Kramer and wanted to meet the actor. He told Ray to bring Kramer to his 8 pm party, then they’d talk about Avi. Outside, Ray gave Jacob Waller an envelope with papers and receipts that proved he was replacing the original art with forgeries. Ray wanted Waller to make sure that once he returned the artwork and Avi was released, it would be over. Waller agreed to try to get Sokolov to be reasonable, but told Ray, “it’s not in his nature.”

Ray arranged for Kramer to come to Sokolov’s party where the actor ended up getting his butt whupped by a Russian bodyguard for no apparent reason then Sokolov didn’t really like his movie. Then Sokolov took Ray to a room. There was blood all over the place leading into it, making you think the worst about Avi, but the person in the room was Jacob Waller. Ray had no choice but to watch Sokolov execute the already badly beaten man. All this must have been to show Ray that Sokolov was ruthless to the max. Ray asked Sokolov what he owed him. The response was more than you will ever have. That, we surmise, is because he helped Sokolov’s niece, Sonia Kovitsky, get away. In the last episode, Abby didn’t want Ray to kill Sonia. Now that Sokolov has her house under surveillance, she thinks Ray should have. Sonia, however, switched planes in Grenada and headed for parts unknown. It’s all pretty confusing when Ray is actually the one who killed Belikov, whose death is the reason that Sokolov had it in for Sonia.

Ray returned to Marisol’s where Hector was still hanging out with her dead body. Ray took a picture of Hector by the bathtub that Marisol was lying in. Scooping up Marisol’s drug stash, Ray told Hector to leave, show up at the gym the next day and act like nothing had happened. Then he took Marisol’s body out to Lake Hollywood, sent Hector a text from Marisol’s phone and dumped her in the reservoir. He called Sokolov and said he was going to pay him back everything he owed him.

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