Jeopardy! Category: The Cinema of Bradley Cooper

Jeopardy! devoted a whole category to films that actor Bradley Cooper has appeared in in the June 20, 2016 match.

Joe Mulder ran the category, answering the first clue, then going to a different category. When he got back to it 7 clues later, he polished off the rest of them. “You’re a big Bradley Cooper fan,” Alex Trebek said. Joe thanked him and said his wife is an even bigger Cooper fan.

The clues were in the Jeopardy! round and did not include any images or videos, but we couldn’t resist (especially on the $1000 clue):

($200) In this 2014 film a doctor tells Cooper’s character that “The Navy has credited you with over 160 kills”

($400) This 2009 film about a bachelor party in Las Vegas & its 2 sequels all star Bradley Cooper as Phil
Phil in The Hangover
($600) Cooper supplied the voice of Rocket, a gun-toting talking raccoon in this hit film

($800) Cooper played Face in this 2010 film based on a TV series; the original TV actor, Dirk Benedict, had a bit role in the film
Bradley Cooper as Face class=
($1000) Bradley said he “fell in love with” the curls he wore in an Oscar-nominated role as FBI agent Richie DiMaso in this film
Bradley Cooper as Richie DiMaso

Here are some prior Jeopardy! clues on Bradley Cooper:

4/15/2016 TV SHOWS BASED ON MOVIES ($2000) A man can use all of his brain due to a drug called NZT in this series based on the Bradley Cooper film of the same name

10/16/2015 ON BROADWAY ($800) Bradley Cooper won rave reviews for his recent portrayal of the severely deformed John Merrick in this drama

3/27/2012 2010s TV ($400) Bradley Cooper”… You. Were. Amazing. When you visited James Lipton on this Bravo series (& you’re an alum, as well… marvelous)

2/11/2010: ACTORS & ACTRESSES $400: This “The Hangover” actor has been linked romantically with Renee Zellweger

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4 Responses

  1. Janice says:

    Didn’t I see an incredibly similar post over on The Jeopardy! Fan tonight?

    • VJ says:

      I don’t know. I don’t read that site.

      • ccb says:

        He did put this category up before you did though

        • VJ says:

          Oh. Well, all jeopardy recappers use the same source, but don’t suggest or imply that I got the idea from him or I will think you are a spy for that site. Oh wait, I already do. I have been posting clues and categories a long time and this is the first I have ever heard of him doing it. So I am real surprised that I’m being called out.

          If you want to see who’s copying who, look back to when I first started recapping. I have always had an information segment. That site never had one till this year so why don’t you go ask him where he got that idea from?

          Last month, he lifted comments off a year old post on here and, with an intro to the effect of some are worse than others, then read parts of them to to his live panel guests on youtube, without telling them (at least publicly) where they came from. That’s pretty bad by itself, deliberately picking negative comments from a year old post (googling around, Bobo the Clown), especially when there were positive comments on the same post. That was during Buzzy’s run, mind you! He wanted to talk about comments from a year old game on here when people on Twitter were calling Buzzy all kinds of foul names.