#JamesDurbin Twitter Trend. We Love You! We’re Mad!

Wow, it was so lame to see James Durbin get eliminated on the American Idol May 12th Results Show. And we’re far from the only ones who are upset. What a hokey show. The so called idol experts are going to tell you this happened because Haley, Lauren and Scotty are “safer” than James,, but if you see that anywhere, just remember how a half naked Gaga performed on this very same “safe” show and it was all gaga whoopee gaga wowee. Hypocrites!

If you’re upset about it, head on over to twitter and help make #JamesDurbin a twitter trend.

zapperzz23: I love you #JamesDurbin :( America made one of their worst decisions! You should have won! & you did win in my heart!

MTheoryClothing: Time to drink some wine and listed to some awesome music. I feel so disappointed for James Durbin :0( #americanidol#jamesdurbintwitter.com #rockmusic

JENINEisthename: True.I dnt like Haley.Sori! RT @iamvhinrivera:@JENINEisthename Haha! Truly! I love #JamesDurbin! Haley should be eliminated. #AmericanIdol.

Chris_Conte: I gotta tell you @RyanSeacrest #americanidol has turned into a crappy show! First #PiaToscana and now #JamesDurbin!#BULLSH$T!!!

ValeeOrtiiz6#OMG I still can’t believe #JamesDurbin was eliminated :'( I’m so sad… but I’m still hoping that #HaleyReinhart wins #AmericanIdol

KarlaPoe: I will NEVER watch #AmericanIdol again!! Seriously I am done with it!!!I #DVR and fast forward through everything except#JamesDurbin.

ChanErestain#jamesdurbintwitter.com ftw!! Haley can’t take criticisisms RT @claredolotina#HaleyReinhart for the wiiiiiiiiiiiin

tk408: I is not happy, #jamesdurbintwitter.com is going home :( why people?

jcoberly1: @CHRIS_Daughtry hoping #JamesDurbin can do what u’ve done. He’s going home 2nite, same wk u went home. (I voted like crazy 4u 2)

DianneFerguson#jamesdurbintwitter.com Not making top 3 tonight reminds me of @CHRIS_Daughtry.The 8-12 year old girl vote doesn’t know rock talent! #americanidol #sux


FridleFriede: WHAT! Why is #JamesDurbin going home when #HaleyReinhartis still there! THIS DOES NOT MAKE SENSE! SHE HAS NO TALENT!

MTheoryClothing: James Durbin should not have went home tonight. Should’ve been Lauren! She sucks BIG TIME. Dumb hicks voting #americanidol#jamesdurbintwitter.com #

Tiffany_Saint: You’ve got a great career ahead of you! You have so many fans now who will follow and support u! @JDurbinAI10 #JamesDurbin

followmemtl: my gf says #jamesdurbintwitter.com should not wear skinny jeans, he looks like a packed sausage!!

DJRMewzique: #AmericanIdol viewers make the dumbest move since cutting Chris Daughtry and as #JamesDurbin ‘s voyage ends, the season ends for me, too.

Mr_Gewly: I wear BLACK FOR #JamesDurbin @JDurbinAI10 A METAL GOD WALKS AMONG US WORLD !! RECOGNIZE THIS !! WHAT @AmericanIdol looses the WORLD GAINS

Cullenschick: Any un happy James fans out there ;) #JamesDurbin fanatic

AnjaroseL: #JamesDurbin is going to be a famous rockstar, count on it!

debclembuckert#AmericanIdol. So wrong. Haley should have gone home.#JamesDurbin, you rock!

gibsontwin2: Eating reeses peanut butter cookies to console my sorrows that#jamesdurbintwitter.com went home on #ai

WondyMan: Travesty that James is gone and Haley remains #JamesDurbin….. yes I watch Idol… I admit it

theKeithlabel: now that #Jamesdurbin is out HAILEY WILL WIN THIS THING!#AI10 did scotty and lauren ever had a standing O from the judges?? NO

baby0811: With #jamesdurbintwitter.com‘s elimination; very clear, Americans didn’t like – frontrunners. They did it too w/ #piatoscano #idol @AmericanIdol

kathyluwho: Wow, I totally misguessed #AmericanIdol results. Good luck#JamesDurbin.


102199 #JamesDurbin can’t believe james was voted offThat is BS I’m so sick and tired of FOX it’s not even funny Americans who voted can suck it

felmansy: Okayy so #JamesDurbin was my favorite ever since the auditions, and he was the only person I liked. So i’m done watching AL! k bye asses

nan2825: Such a bad call America! #JamesDurbin

allasjenfitz#JamesDurbin will take the same road #Daughtry did. Chris Daughtry was voted off in this week and look where he is now.

Chelo_Roda Chelo Roda: #jamesdurbintwitter.com is out… WTF is going on America??

trustmeimnice: What the f@#$ing f#&k! #jamesdurbintwitter.com is money…cash in pocket quality and guaranteed Tix sold. Scotty is….a douchebag.#americanidol

LeslieXOWiiGirl: @AmericanIdol u totally got it WRONG Once again.#JamesDurbin should have won the whole thing. @claire_m_cVery Disappointed…

cat_cmc I’m so sad #JamesDurbin is gone! What the hell happened? I couldn’t care less about the final 3 on #Idol. Ugh!!!

mpantelakis#AmericanIdol is ridiculous. The vote off the best singer they have#JamesDurbin #smh

merwithani: Done with #AmericanIdol – #JamesDurbin was ripped off!

Whittums: I am furious!! Idol is ridiculous! How can the best go home over thw damn hick?! LOVE #jamesdurbintwitter.com

mrspelton: i am SO angry, upset, hurt and disappointed. james i love you. you are my american idol. #jamesdurbintwitter.com

AlexaNorona: So so mad #JamesDurbin went home on #Idol. And I know @cat_cmc is with me!!

HausOfCarolAnn: RT!! Let’s hashtag #JamesDurbin so he knows we love him!!!#JamesDurbin

QueensofSweet: It’s like Bush and Gore all over again. I feel cheated.#JamesDurbin is the #AmericanIdol!

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6 Responses

  1. sandy meyers says:

    I think the american idol knew exactly what they were doing when they changed the voting numbers. It has been fixed since clay aiken didn’t win. People are getting tired of their manipulation

  2. sandy meyers says:

    I feel that the way american idol switched up the rotation for the second song killed James Durbins chances because he went fourth the second time and someone tuning in late would have giving all his votes to Lauren.

  3. Karen says:

    Love James!!!!! Haley should have been the one sent home and that should have happened weeks ago!!!! Looked for James to WIN it all. Oh well, just means he can start on his record deal a whole lot sooner. Hurry up, we are all waiting!!!! Love me some James Durbin!!!!

  4. Jill says:

    james deserves much more than to be labled the american idol. he is not a clarkson, underwood cookie cutter. he will be around for many years unlike the previous idols who seem to fade after a year or so. he has to much substance for this queer show and will reap a ;ot more from getting voted off. this is a blessing for him!!!

  5. brenda says:

    Steven Tyler your a big joke, grow up, it doesnt matter how many facelifts you have, you still look like an old man. James Durbin rocks!

  6. brenda says:

    What the hell are people thinking! Lauren should have been voted off. James Durbin you rock! Your already a big star in my eyes!