Gladiator: 2000 Best Picture

“Gladiator” and “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” were two of the films nominated for Best Picture at the 73rd Academy Awards. “Gladiator” won, but all’s well that ends well. “Crouching Tiger” was also nominated for Best Foreign Language Film and it won that one. “Chocolat”, “Erin Brockovich” and “Traffic” were the other Best Picture nominees.

Steven Soderbergh won Best Director for “Traffic”. Russell Crowe won Best Actor for “Gladiator” and Julia Robert got the Best Actress Oscar for “Erin Brockovich”.

Best Supporting acting Oscars were award to Benicio del Toro in “Traffic” and Marcia Gay Harden in “Pollock”.

The Top 10 box office hits of the year were “Mission Impossible II”, “Gladiator”, “Cast Away”, “What Women Want”, “Dinosaur”, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”, “Meet the Parents”, “The Perfect Storm”, “X-Men” and “What Lies Beneath”.

Other notable titles included “O Brother, Where Art Thou”, “The Patriot”, “U-571”, “Hollow Man”, “Almost Famous”, “Nurse Betty”, “Chicken Run” and “Charlies Angels”.

Jeopardy! clues on “Gladiator”
WHERE’S OSCAR? $800: He reportedly keeps his 2000 Best Actor Oscar in a chicken coop on his Australian ranch
HIGHLY OEDIPAL $2000: This deranged emperor may even have killed his own father, as Joaquin Phoenix does playing him in “Gladiator”
SCOTT LAND $1600: He directed 2000’s “Gladiator”
SINGING ACTORS $400: As a teenager this “Gladiator” star recorded the song “I Want to Be Like Marlon Brando” under the name Rus Le Roc
A MAN CALLED HARRIS $1,000 (Daily Double): One of Harris’ last roles was as emperor Marcus Aurelius in this Oscar-winning epic
OF WAR $1600: The protagonist of this movie announces himself as “commander of the Armies of the North, general of the Felix Legions”

More 2000 film clues:
VAMPIRE FLICKS $1000: In 2000 “Shadow Of The Vampire” gave a fictional account of the making of this classic 1922 German film
“WONDER” LAND $2000: Bob Dylan won an Oscar for the song “Things Have Changed” from this 2000 film
HOW’S THE SCREENPLAY GOING, STEVE? $1200: Stephen Gaghan wrote this 2000 Michael Douglas film about the effects of the international trade in narcotics
WAR FILMS $1600: Mel Gibson plays a veteran of the French & Indian War who wants no part in the war with Britain in this 2000 film
SOUNDS LIKE PIG LATIN $1200: Completes the 2000 Jude Law film title “Love, Honour and…”
SPOOF FILMS $1000: This 2000 horror film had the tagline “No mercy. No shame. No sequel”; the sequel’s tagline was “We lied”
STORM $400: This 2000 film was based on Sebastian Junger’s bestseller about a hurricane that meets a cold front
THE COEN BROTHERS $400: The Coens were nominated for a 2000 screenwriting Oscar for this film that starred George Clooney
BROAD WEIGH $400: She gained 30 pounds before playing serial killer Aileen Wuornos for the 2000 film “Monster”
ED-UCATION $800: He was nominated for an Oscar for playing an abstract expressionist in a 2000 film that he directed himself
UP ON THE “BIG” SCREEN $400: Grandmotherly drag is just the thing for FBI agent Martin Lawrence in this 2000 film
MOVIE: ____ IN THE ____ $1000: On the verge of blindness, Bjork must save her son from a similar fate in this Cannes Film Festival winner from 2000
I “WONDER” $2000: Michael Douglas was praised for his portrayal of a professor in this 2000 film
THOSE CRAZY GUGGENHEIMS $1600: In the 2000 film “Pollock”, Amy Madigan played this art patron
ALBUMS $800: “Independent Women, Part I” from Destiny’s Child’s “Survivor” CD was the theme for this 2000 Cameron Diaz film
THE CINEMA $600: The popular soundtrack of this 2000 film includes “I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow” & “You Are My Sunshine”
THE CANINE FILM FESTIVAL $400: This 2000 film with Eugene Levy & Christopher Guest spoofed the stupid human tricks at a major dog show
THE MOVIES $800: An old satellite brings retired engineer Clint Eastwood back into service in this 2000 film
MEL GIBSON $3,000 (Daily Double): In this 2000 film Mel’s character Nick says, “This is nice. I don’t understand why” they complain about waxing
CHOCOLATE-COVERED CINEMA $1600: She played chocolatiere Vianne Rocher in the 2000 film “Chocolat”
MY FAVORITE FILMS $400: Eastwood, Garner, Sutherland & Jones proved that they had “the ripe stuff” in this 2000 film
ROCK & ROLL CINEMA $600: A high school boy gets a chance to tag along with an up & coming rock band in this 2000 film directed by Cameron Crowe
THE OSCARS $400: This 2000 love story that won 4 Oscars is the highest-grossing foreign language film in North America
SEAN CONNERY $400: 2000 film in which you’d hear reclusive writer Connery shout, “You’re the man now, dog!”
THE SILVER SCREEN $200: This Jim Carrey film & “Mission: Impossible 2” were the only 2 films to top $200 million at the box office in 2000
THE MOVIES $200: Benecio del Toro plays troubled cop Javier Rodriguez in the 2000 film tale of America’s war on drugs

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