The Deer Hunter: 1978 Best Picture

“The Deer Hunter” won Best Picture and Best Director at the 51st Academy Awards. The also rans were “Coming Home”, “Heaven Can Wait”, “Midnight Express” and “An Unmarried Woman”. Best Actor and Best Actress went to Jon Voight and Jane Fonda, the stars of “Coming Home.”

Other films with multiple nominations included: “Interiors”, “Days of Heaven”, “Same Time, Next Year”, “The Wiz”, “The Boys from Brazil”, “The Buddy Holly Story”, “California Suite” and “Superman.”

Mark Harmon made his film debut in “Comes a Horseman”, Mary Steenburgen made hers in “Goin’ South”. Cheech Marin’s first film appearance was in “Up in Smoke” with Tommy Chong.

More 1978 film titles: “Every Which Way but Loose”, “The Betsy”, “The Big Sleep”, and “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” got a highly popular remake starring Donald Sutherland with a cameo appearance by Kevin McCarthy.

Jeopardy! clues on “The Deer Hunter”
TRANSLATED MOVIE TITLES: This Robert de Niro film is known in Italian as “Il cacciatore”
FILMS OF THE ’70s $500: Oliver Stone won an Oscar for his screenplay of this 1978 film
STAG FILMS $2,000 (Daily Double): In this 1978 film Robert De Niro says, “One shot is what it’s all about”
NAME THE OSCAR-WINNING DIRECTOR $2000: 1978 for “The Deer Hunter”
AT THE MOVIES $1600: In this 1978 film, Vietnam vet Christopher Walken plays Russian Roulette for a living
’70s MOVIES $600 (Daily Double): 2 films of the Vietnam battlefront & homefront that took 1978’s top 5 Oscars
BEST PICTURES IN OTHER WORDS $800: 1978: “An Elk Tracker”

More 1978 film clues:
BANDS IN MOVIES $400: “Shout” if you know Otis Day & The Knights performed in this 1978 film
MOVIE DEBUTS $800: Jamie Lee Curtis made her film debut in this 1978 flick–pretty scary
MOVIE CALENDAR $400: Michael Myers kills his sister on the title occasion of this 1978 horror film
TV OR NOT TV $200: Nicholas Hammond played this superhero in a 1978 TV series; you may be more familiar with Tobey Maguire’s film one
AUSSIES $400: You’ve never been mellow if you don’t know this Australian played Sandy in the 1978 film “Grease”
A QUICKIE WITH SUPERMAN $2000: In the 1978 movie, Gene Hackman played this villain & perpetual thorn in Superman’s sideSPORTS FRANCHISES ON FILM $1200: 1978: At QB, Warren Beatty
SHUT YOUR MOUTH! $200: “I will remain silent. Neither I, nor my wife, will leave Krypton”, says Marlon Brando in this 1978 film
WORKING WITHOUT ANNETTE $600: With Annette nowhere in sight, Frankie Avalon played a 39-year-old teen angel in this 1978 musical film
OSCAR $1600: Prior to winning his Best Director Oscar for “Platoon”, he won for Best Adapted Screenplay for “Midnight Express”
FILMS OF THE ’70s $200: Not the frost, but the blood was on the punkin in this 1978 Jamie Lee Curtis film
“B” MOVIES $300: As Josef Mengele, Gregory Peck sets out to breed a new race of Hitlers in this thriller
“HOME” DEPOT $1600: In this 1978 film, Jane Fonda becomes involved with a paraplegic war veteran played by Jon Voight
DIVINE COMEDIES $600: This 1978 Warren Beatty film was a remake of the comic fantasy “Here Comes Mr. Jordan”
GIVE THE ROLE TO GARY $800: Film, 1978: Buddy Holly
LEADING MEN: Up for producing, directing, acting & writing for 1978 & 1981, he’s the only man to twice get 4 Oscar nominations for one film
MOVIE MANIA $500: A pregnant Billy Crystal’s got a bun in the oven in this 1978 film directed by Joan Rivers
GIVING “THANK”S $500: This disco-rific film from 1978 starred Jeff Goldblum & Donna Summer
ACTORS & ACTRESSES $1000: In 1978 she played Brooke Shields’ mother in 2 different films, “Pretty Baby” & “King of the Gypsies”
THE SILVER SCREEN $300: Rent the 1978 film “Silver Bears” & you’ll see this “Tonight Show” host playing a mafioso’s son
HOLLY-WOOD $300: In a 1978 film Gary Busey played this rock legend
MIA FARROW $400: In 1978 Mia co-starred with Peter Ustinov, the first time he played this detective on film
THE FACE OF AN ANGEL $800: He was 39 in 1978 when he appeared as Teen Angel in the film “Grease”
FOREIGN FILMS $600: This 1978 film with Michel Serrault as Albin was remade in 1996 with Nathan Lane as Albert
FILMS OF THE ’70s $200: “Peggy Sue”, “That’ll Be The Day” & other songs in this 1978 film were sung by its star, Gary Busey
ACTORS & THEIR ROLES $500: Playwright who made his film debut in “Renaldo and Clara” in 1978 & won a Pulitzer Prize for Drama in ’79
MOVIE DIRECTORS $1000: This comedienne directed the 1978 film “Rabbit Test” about the world’s 1st pregnant man
FAMOUS KANGAROOS $200: The 1978 Elliott Gould film “Matilda” was about a kangaroo who participated in this sport
FRATERNITIES & SORORITIES $400: The frat rats at Faber College’s Delta House made life miserable for Dean Wormer in this 1978 John Belushi film

List of Best Picture Oscars (50s-70s)

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