Final Jeopardy: 6-22-15 to 6-26-15

Here are the Final Jeopardy questions and answers for the week of June 22, 2015 with links to the full recaps.

Mon, June 22 – Correct answers: 2
This live-action TV show about a family debuted in 1965 and was set in 1997. show

Tue, June 23 – Correct answers: 0 (out of 2 left in FJ)
A standard chessboard has this many perimeter squares. show

Wed, June 24 – Correct answers: 3
In 2014, CNN declared Zambia’s Guy Scott the first white president in sub-Saharan Africa since this man in 1994. show

Thurs, June 25 – Correct answers: 1
She won the 1984 Grammy for Best New Artist and in 2013 became the first solo woman to win a Tony Award for Best Score. show

Fri, June 26 – Correct answers: 3
This lawyer from a famed 1960 novel shares a name with an ancient Roman renowned for his wisdom. show

Two triple solves this week. We’ll never know if that chessboard clue would have been a triple stumper. Last week’s 5x champ Brennan Bushee was defeated on Monday by Sacha Samotin. Matt Pressman beat Sacha on Tuesday and won 2 more games. Ankoor Bagchi defeated Matt on Friday and he’ll be the defending champ on Monday.

Jeopardy Champs: week of 6-22-15

Our favorite contestant story this week was Kat Cahill’s on Friday. She came in fourth out of about 3,000 entries in a contest for best super heroine. Kat said the publisher liked her creation so much, he published it anyway. Trebek wanted to know if her super heroine might make it to film. After saying she would love that, Kat earnestly looked at camera and said: “Please make Gallant Girl into a motion picture.” She would like Anna Kendrick to play the title character. We hope you at least get an animated series, Kat.

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