Final Jeopardy: 3-10-14 to 3-14-14

Here are the Final Jeopardy questions and answers for the week of March 10, 2014 with links to the full recaps.

Mon, March 10 – Correct answers: 1
A protege of Oscar Hammerstein, he’s won Grammys, an Oscar, a Pulitzer Prize & the most Tony Awards by a

Tue, March 11: Correct answers: 2
The title of this 1951 novel comes from the hero’s fantasy of rescuing children falling from a cliff. show

Wed, March 12 – Correct answers: 1
He was the last male monarch who had not previously been Prince of Wales. show

Thu, March 13 – Correct answers: 1
At 4,000 miles, the farthest apart capitals of bordering countries are these 2 cities, one on a peninsula. show

Fri, March 14 – Correct answers: 0
He was nominated for Oscars in 5 consecutive decades; the last nod was for his 1978 role as a Nazi hunter.” show

Just like last week, there was only one triple stumper but no triple solve. 11x champ Arthur Chu was defeated in Wednesday’s game. Here is his last chat segment where Alex Trebek asked him a question but Arthur didn’t want to take a guess because there was no money at stake.

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