Final Jeopardy: 16th Century Scientists

The Final Jeopardy question (7/17/2014), in the category “16th Century Scientists” was:

It is often said of this man that he “stopped the sun and moved the earth.”

New champ Jerome Azbell won $13,999 in yesterday’s game. Today he takes on these two players: Megan Gardner, from Columbia, MD; and Katie Wroblewski, from Ypsilanti, MI.

Round 1: Katie found the Jeopardy! round Daily Double in “National Scenic Byways” under the $800 clue. It was the first clue picked in that category, with 6 clues to go after that. She was in second place with $3,600, $1,000 less than Jerome’s lead. She bet $1,000 and came up with the Pacific Coast. That was WRONG.

A California scenic byway takes you through this place: a 1907 ad about it asked: “would you enjoy a trip to hell?” show

Jerome finished in the lead with $7,200. Katie was second with $2,600 and Megan was last with $1,000.

Round 2: Megan found the first Daily Double in “Signs & Symbols” under the $1,600 clue. She was in second place with $6,200, $1,400 less than Jerome’s lead. She bet $2,000 and came up with the olive branch. That was WRONG.

In a Gilbert Stuart portrait, behind Washington are many symbolic touches like the rainbow showing faith in the future, the copy of The Federalist symbolizing unity under the Constitution and, on the chair, this botanical symbol of victory. show

Katie found the last Daily Double in “A River Runs Between Them” under the $2,000 clue. In second place with $7,800, she was $1,400 behind Jerome’s lead. She bet $1,400 and took a guess with Paraguay. That was WRONG.

Brazil & Argentina (it’s named for a third country). show

Jerome finished in the lead with $9,200. Katie was next with $6,400 and Megan was in third place with $4,200.

TWO of the contestants got Final Jeopardy! right.


“The Revolution of Heavenly Spheres, written by Polish astronomer Mikolaj Kopernik, well known by his Latin name Nicholas Copernicus, was written over 450 years ago. This manuscript, printed in 1543, described for the first time in history the correct position of the sun as the center of the solar system with the earth and other planets revolving around it. Copernicus’ book formed the basis for modern astronomy and is considered to have caused the greatest revolution in science in the last two thousand years….

“The citizens of Torun are proud of their native son and erected a monument in front of city hall to honor “Mikolaj Kopernik”, the citizen of Torun who moved the earth and stopped the sun.” (Polish-American Center)

Megan got it right and bet $4,199. She finished with $8,399.

Katie also got it right. Her $2,801 bet brought her up to $9,201.

Jerome thought it was Galileo. That cost him $3,601 so he landed in third place with $5,599.

FJ 7-17-14

So Katie Wroblewski, a graduate student in history, is our new champ, and it’s the third day in the a row that the player in second place took over! During the chat, she told Trebek about her stay in Krakow, Poland after graduating college. Despite his professed wish that the boards could be completed today, Trebek decided to blabber on about his 5-course $13 meal “with wines and champagne” in Krakow before “capitalism set in.” But it wasn’t that bad today after all: only one clue remained on the board in each round.

2 years ago:: TWO of the players got this FJ in “Anthropology”

The most famous resident of the National Museum of Ethiopia is the very old young lady named this show

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44 Responses

  1. aaaa says:

    As per a post on, season 31 started taping this week and the TofC will be taped on September 29th.

  2. jacobska says:

    Katie, Jeff, and Winston play tomorrow. Should be interesting. Hope it makes for great TV before the Teen Tournament next week.

  3. eric s says:

    Just in case you missed the post below, do yourselves a favor and watch the video from Few Surprises….
    You will feel a range of powerful emotions. Then, perhaps, send a little love to our man Mark (aka Sport Team). He really puts up some great posts.
    But, even if you don’t follow the real world of Sports, please watch the video, even just on a human level: a beautiful synthesis of strength and vulnerability.

  4. eric s says:

    New Game Theory thought. Why don’t the runaways bet down to a tie? After all, they know that they can dominate that opponent. And, there could be huge paydays.
    I’m not so much talking the smaller ones like Jerome yesterday (I can certainly see his point about keeping Ed away), but I wonder if AChu left some money behind?
    This is something that I have never seen before. Will we see it tomorrow with Jeff? Or Nguyen-win?

    • eric s says:

      Jacob: does Keith ever discuss this on TFW?

    • jacobska says:

      @Eric, I don’t recall Keith discussing it. He does visit here periodically though. Maybe he will tonight.

    • eric s says:

      In a major way, this is an Alpha intimidation move. I believe it will happen next year. Right, Jeff?

    • eric s says:

      VJ: I just referenced that chart that you had on AChu betting FJ for a tie. It appears that at no time did he play for a tie in a runaway (at least none are checked under the headline “bet to tie”). I was wondering if whomever devised that chart even considered that may have played for a tie from the runaway position?

      • eric s says:

        I’ll get off my lazy bum and check J-archive.

        • eric s says:

          Since I know that you’re now dying to know: he did not.But, if he had he would’ve had 77,200 in one game. Maybe tomorrow I’ll check to see if Roger Craig did.

        • VJ says:

          I made that chart, Eric. I missed one of his bet to tie games but someone pointed it out in the comments and I fixed it.

  5. jacobska says:

    OMG, Death Valley. We have driven through Needles, California at night with the air conditioner on in the car. We could hardly breathe. I could have sworn we were in Hades. Anyone else been through there at night?

    • william k says:

      Or how about “29 Palms” in the middle of the day?! [There really aren’t any “palms” there, by the way.] The sunburn is deluxe, in any case.

      • jacobska says:

        No man! I’m talking about the Mojave Desert at night. No sun. No light. Just the smoldering heat. The amazing thing I read was the population increased too. Shocking.

        • jacobska says:

          @Bill, 29 Palms is higher in elevation in the Mojave Desert and has a much larger population than Needles, CA. The temperature in Needles is truly a dry run or prelude to Hades. :(

    • jacobska says:

      Out of curiosity just checked Wikipedia and the hottest recorded temperature in USA history was July 2013 in Death Valley, CA. The official recorded temperature was 134 degrees. That’s a road to Hades for sure.

  6. Nomi says:

    Sad to get only one DD (the Death Valley one), and that after getting the FJ in the morning. But glad that a history student won. I like history.

    Thanks to Eric and VJ for starting a discussion on my question earlier, and to Jacob and William K for expanding on it. I enjoyed reading through all your posts.

  7. eric s says:

    I’m sorry to do this Megan, I’m sure that you’re a lovely person, but really? A trip up the Pacific Coast as hell? Ouch. Harsh.

    • Nomi says:

      I agreeeeeeeeee. Even I got it right, me, a non-American :).

    • VJ says:

      That was Katie’s clue.

      Megan was doing swell in the Signs & Symbols category till she got her peace (or forgiveness) and victory symbols mixed up.

    • eric s says:

      MEGAN, I am so sorry (not about the lovely part).
      Katie, it’s almost like we need to put an asterisk next to your win. Please take some time to drive up 101. You won’t forget it. Make sure also that you cross the Golden Gate bridge. The view is better from the other side.

      • eric s says:

        KATIE: it’s been pointed out to me that the glint in my eye and the beginning of my Irish smile are hard to read on these posts. So, just so you know, I was joking about the asterisk, but not about the trip up the coast. I have mentioned before that I have been to some tapings and was blown away at the speed of the game. I’m sure that I would look dumbfounded if it was me by myself answering a question. If it was about Michigan, I’d have to choose between the hand and the UP. So, I apologize if I came anywhere near offending you, and good luck in the future.

  8. jacobska says:

    Congratulations, vj. You got the fj prediction correct today. Only 2 contestants got it correct.

  9. eric s says:

    There is an incredible video of Stuart Scott regarding his fight with cancer on the post Few Surprises…
    It is well worth watching.

  10. john blahuta says:

    finally a “normal” game when it came to the wagers. and yet again a new champ. (again the middle position, VJ!!)

  11. eric s says:

    NOMI: I just want to make sure that you saw how your CotD friends took up my slack in answering your question.

    • Nomi says:

      Hi Eric, I did, and just posted before I read your comment. Thanks.

    • william k says:

      Actually, I liked your version, eric, for pure entertainment purposes. The hornet’s nest analogy –it was kinda like the “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” trip through history!

      Next up: The Innate Greatness of So-Crates…complete with complementary Beers of the World.

      Dude, I’m all in!

      • eric s says:

        Glad that I could amuse you, my friend. I hung with that Bill (Alex Winter) dude. He was cool, but it was like everyone knew he was in minute 14 of his fame.

      • eric s says:

        This moment in history brought to you courtesy of the California Public School System.