Favorite Boardwalk Empire Characters

Boardwalk Empire Season 3

Favorite Season 3 Boardwalk Empire Characters 


Nucky Thompson
Margaret Thompson
Nelson Van Alden
Gillian Darmody
Richard Harrow
Chalky White
Eli Thompson
Owen Slater
Al Capone
Arnold Rothstein
Lucky Luciano
Meyer Lansky
Benny Siegel
Gyp Rosetti
Dr. Mason
Gaston Means


New Season. New characters. Some of the characters in our original Boardwalk Empire poll are no longer in the show. So we are updating to include the additions in Season 3. Margaret is now Nucky Thompson’s wife, so she’s Margaret Thompson now.

The results to our last poll are here There were a total of 178 votes and Richard Harrow got the lion’s share of them. He is still on the show but it’s “rest in peace” for most of these characters:

Jimmy Darmody killed his father, the Commodore. Lucy Danziger skipped town after giving birth to Van Alden’s baby. Van Alden hired a Norwegian nanny named Sigrid and took her with him when he left town to avoid arrest for Agent Sebso’s death. They are now believed to be married, living under aliases in Cicero, IL and they even have another kid, a baby boy.

Angela Darmody and her lover Louise were shot to death in cold blood by Manny Horvitz. Jimmy Darmody was also killed in cold blood in the finale of Season 2 by Nucky Thompson. Nucky claimed to be delivering Manny to Jimmy to allow him to avenge Angela’s death.

You can choose more than one favorite in our poll, but you can only vote once.

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