Buzzy Cohen Live Q&A Facebook Event Set for June 15th

UPDATE 6-15-16: Here is the link to the Facebook Q&A with Buzzy Cohen in case you didn’t get to see it.

Kelly Miyahara of the Clue Crew read the questions to Buzzy and asked him a bunch of others. One question Buzzy was asked as if he would like to take Alex Trebek’s place. He said if he was ever offered the job, he would accept it in a heartbeat. So maybe we should add Buzzy to the list of possible replacements when Alex retires. He’s even got the right amount of syllables in his name.

The video will pop up and then I had to go to about the 3-1/2 minute mark to start it


Jeopardy! is hosting a Live Q&A on Facebook on Wednesday, June 15th. It begins at 3:30 p.m. PDT. A page is already up on Facebook where you can post questions you would like Buzzy to answer.

Here is the video that Jeopardy! made after Buzzy won 5 games.

He went on to win 4 more and as of this date, he is at the top of the 2016 ToC list.

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