Anastasia Quotes: Boardwalk Empire

Here are some quotes from “Anastasia”, the 4th episode of Season One of Boardwalk Empire:

Lucy and the Birthday CakeNucky Thompson: (talking to his mirror): What? No! You shouldn’t have! Now who planned this?
Eddie Kessler: Nucky?
Nucky: Jesus! F*ck! How long you been standing there?
Eddie: I — very shortly.
Nucky: Well, what do you want? I was rehearsing a speech…
Eddie: You asked to review the guest list for the party.
Nucky: Yeah, right.
Eddie: I booked suites for Senator Edge and Mayor Hague.
Nucky: Visiting royalty. Edge, especially.

Edith: (reading the newspaper) Could it be the beautiful young woman found shivering in the river could actually be who she claims to be? The daughter of the Czar of Russia, the Grand Duchess Anastasia.
Margaret Schroeder: It’s like a fairy tale.
Edith: (continuing to read) Was she assassinated at the hands of the Bolsheviks or did she masterfully escape the fate of her doomed royal family?
Teddy: Read the funnies, mama.
Margaret: Let’s see what mischief Mutt and Jeff have been up to.

Pearl: You should try some opium. There’s a den in Chinatown.
Jimmy Darmody: I don’t know. With all those hopheads.
Pearl: It’s divine! I really is, for whatever ails you.

Angela Darmody: Gillian? You know most women are proud to be called grandma.
Gillian Darmody: Not while the peaches are still in season.
Lucky Luciano: Mrs. Darmody? I’m a friend of James.
Gillian: His friends call him Jimmy. So who are you really?
Luciano: I’m a whaddyacall — an acquaintance from New York. … Is he here or ain’t he?
Gillian: No.
Luciano: Then where is he?
Gillian: Maybe he’s up your ass. Have you considered looking there?
Luciano: You got a fresh mouth for a broad.
Gillian: Maybe I need you to smack it for me, right?

Grand Cyclops Dinler: You’re a grafter, whoremonger and a bootlegger.
Eli Thompson: You’re thinking of my brother. Let’s go. You’re under arrest.
KKK Member: What’s this about? Being in the Klan ain’t against the law.
Eli: No, but stringing up darkies is.

Chalky and his Daddys ToolsChalky White: … My daddy go with him to edge of town. Wasn’t nothing there but six white men, 12 foot of rope and the pepper tree they hung him from. These here my daddy tools.
Dinler: What’re you gonna do with them?
Chalky: Well, I ain’t building no bookcase.

Chalky White: It wasn’t the Klan.
Eli Thompson: How do you know?
Chalky: There’s a point where if a man still sticks to his story, that’s a man that’s telling you the truth. We passed that point about 10 minutes ago.

Senator Walter Edge: I’m through with this champagne.
Nucky Thompson: What’s your pleasure, Senator?
Edge: I’ll have a Pimm’s Cup.
Eddie Kessler: I’m sorry. We have no Pimm’s Cup tonight. Name anything else, Senator.
Edge: Well, I’ll have a brandy.

Mickey Doyle: It wasn’t me made a muck of it. You dopes killed the wrong coon.
Leo D’Alessio: Drives a Packard you said.
Mickey: But it wasn’t Chalky.
Mickey: Teo, Leo, Ignacious… what are youse all named after popes?

Lucky Luciano: I think you know what I want.
Gillian Darmody: No, dear. I only know what I want.

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