American Idol Top 6 Elimination Show

American Idol Top 6

The first 3 of the Top 6 American Idols to get the stay or go news in the 4/24/14 Top 6 Elimination Round of American Idol 13 were Caleb Johnson, Sam Woolf and CJ Harris. We really didn’t need Randy Jackson to ponder who was in trouble out of these three, but he did anyway and astutely surmised that CJ was going to go where he went — to the Bottom 2. Sam was sent to safety first so it was kind of ridiculous after that.

In the second group were Jena Irene, Alex Preston and Jessica Meuse. Randy played it safe, not narrowing down which of Alex or Jess would be sitting next to CJ, but he knew it was one of them. Duh. It was Jess. Unlike Randy, we did take a guess and we thought it should have been Alex so we blew that one.

And it was C.J. Harris that was sent home, to no one’s surprise, but to the great sorrow of the judges who practically sentenced him to this fate the night before. Really, J-Lo was all boo hoos but still enjoyed and sang along with C.J., as did Keith Urban. C.J. performed “Can’t You See” by the Marshall Tucker Band, which he had done in Movie Week. Harry Connick, Jr. even stood up at the end. The Top 5 joined him on stage and there were lots of hugs and tears. C.J. had tears streaming down his own face by the end of the song.

So now we are down to the Top 5. Here they are, and this is in alphabetical order by first name, by the way: Alex Preston, Caleb Johnson, Jena Irene, Jessica Meuse and Sam Woolf – 3 guys and 2 girls. And we’re not really going into the situation where Sam Woolf got the one and only save over much better singers and now he is in the Top 5. After all, this is American Idol and that’s how it goes. But it will still be pretty painful to watch for some of us if Jessica or Alex goes home before he does!

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