Final Jeopardy: The Thomas Jefferson Administration

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6 Responses

  1. Nullifidian says:

    I’m surprised they didn’t penalize Jenny for her last Agatha Christie answer, because she quite clearly said “curtains” when the actual title is Curtain.

    • VJ says:

      She did add an “s” saying “what is curtains.” (funny she didn’t say “what are”). Here was the exact clue:

      This title object “falls” in the 1975 novel that kills off Hercule Poirot.

      So idk. Maybe it didn’t matter because they weren’t asking for the title of the novel.

  2. Eric S says:

    An absolutely horrendous bet by Jenny on the last DD. All wagers should weigh risk vs.return. All that wager did was put her lead at risk. She should’ve either bet less than 800, or, if she really liked the category, bet it all. In the latter case, she could put the game away with a correct answer. Why wait for FJ, where, at this point, the category is unknown? Again, this make sense if the player favors the category, if not, they should not risk the lead.

  3. jacob ska says:

    Close game. Especially in Round 2.

    A few triple stumpers surprised me though.
    1. Site, sight, cite
    2. Aviator Wrong Way Corrigan
    3. Irish playwright John Millington Synge

    Congrats to Jenny for coming through on her penultimate wager and winning the game. Sawyer is a very bright young man.

    @Eric, thanks.

    @VJ, congrats on your prediction.

  4. Eric S says:

    Congrats to the contestants, as well as the faith shown by VJ and Jacob.