Final Jeopardy: Ancient Times

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18 Responses

  1. Cece says:

    Amusing chat tonight. Dan played well,congrats!

    I was surprise by Dan’s FJ wager though — I don’t remember ever seen a contestant risk not winning the game after having a runway. Gutsy move!

    • Eric S says:

      It wasn’t quite a runaway, but you’re right that he did open the door for Choyon if Lenny went all-in. My only guess is that we really loved the category, but yes, in game theory terms (again success is measured only in terms of winning the game) his bet was far from optimal.

      • Cece says:

        You’re right, for some reason I was thinking Lenny finished at $6,600 (3-day weekend fatigue…). :)

  2. doris s says:

    Should have stuck with one, but we DO have a new champ. Gutsy FJ wager.Must have felt confident with the FJ category. Congratulations!!

    • William Weyser says:

      My reaction to Dan’s wager was “Yes, maybe you like Ancient Times, and maybe it’s your strong suit, but you never want to let a player back into contention who’s already eliminated, it’s basically the same thing as a Cliff Clavin.”

      • doris s says:

        It was, but if Lenny would have been right HE would have won had Dan been wrong. The “normal” bet by Dan should have been 1.401, but….well, it worked. There is a saying “Luck comes to those who deserve it…”
        Dan was maybe feeling his oats but I would not make that a permanent habit. Otherwise he won’t be around for very long.

  3. jacob ska says:

    Wasn’t thrilled that the “Armed Forces Reserves” category was left for last by the contestants.

    Altogether now!

    U. S. Navy “anchors aweigh, my boys, anchors aweigh….”
    U. S. Marines “from the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli….”

    These are people that defend our country. Can’t we get their anthems correct or at least part of the songs?

    • jacob ska says:

      Btw, congrats Dan. A good level-headed contestant. As cool as a cucumber!

    • VJ says:

      I was remembering how we had to learn and sing all the anthems when I was in grammar school and I still know them, so let me add —

      Army: “Over hill, over dale, as we hit the dusty trail, and those Caissons go rolling along…”

      • jacob ska says:

        Don’t forget U. S. Air Force “off we go into the wild blue yonder….”

        Btw, another missed clue. Truman formed its Reserves in 1948. No one got it correct. :( :(

        • Nullifidian says:

          But according to Tom Lehrer the Air Force theme song is “Up in the Air, Junior Birdman” (a line from his intro to “It Makes a Fellow Proud to be a Soldier”).

        • jacob ska says:

          VJ, could you link the USAF youtube video of its official theme song “off we go into the wild blue yonder” here? Thanks.

      • jacob ska says:

        @vj, you’re right. We had to learn them in elementary school.

      • doris s says:

        What about the USAF?”Off we go into the wild blue yonder…”?
        And let’s not forget the USCG “From Aztec Shore to Arctic Zone…”

  4. VJ says:

    Jeopardy! was preempted down here today because the governor and mayor held a press conference about all the flooding. But I was able to listen to the show over the phone thanks to my son. (You’re the best, sonnyboy).

    Sorry about any mistakes but if you know what they are, I’ll fix them. :)