Final Jeopardy: Literature

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4 Responses

  1. lou says:

    1984 is a great novel and also how much of it do you remember when you read it in the past, vj well say grade school or high school?

    • VJ says:

      I read it when I was a teenager but I was already out of high school, Lou. What I remember most about it is my brother going around claiming he was the Thought Police. LOL.

      • lou says:

        lol i know right? Such a great novel and that joke was so funny. Also that 9999 bet from dan was a little overboard. he should have stayed at zero and not bet anything. I wonder if justins style of play is like fred vaughn

  2. VJ says:

    idk if it was because I am very tired today, but it seemed like the clues were being read slower than usual to me. Anyway, they only had a few uncovered clues and I only came up with a total of 7 triple stumpers (only one from the first round).

    LINK 10 more clues from the match