Final Jeopardy: British Government

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16 Responses

  1. T says:

    WTF?!?! Where is tonight’s???

    • john blahuta says:

      state of the union…although it’s – i believe at 8 p.m. cst, you have all kind of pundits before and afterwards for hours on tv. i am sure that vj will let us know at least the result and the DDs as soon as she can.

    • vj says:

      yeah I will get a recap up later as best as I can — Jeopardy and many other shows were preempted in Houston today, not because of the State of the Union address, because of bad weather. Snowflakes are such a rare event in Houston, that every single one must be reported multiple times, it seems.

      FYI, T, this is not a job I am getting paid to do. If I can’t see or find out what was on the show, I can’t do it.

  2. KHC says:

    Btw, Bill said to watch the Soup. Mankini is a reference to one of the character/sketches on that show. He was trying to make a joke since he didn’t know the answer and I have it on good authority that he wants to work for the Soup.

    • vj says:

      Oh, OK, thanks. Another comment made after the show (which I wasn’t watching at home today) was you didn’t need to watch anything to figure out what a mankini was: bikini — mankini. ha ha ha.

      • john blahuta says:

        should be rather monokini… rudi gernreich some decades ago in austria – but for women…:):) i’m sure it’s in google somewhere.

  3. john blahuta says:

    again, an easy fj for a european. the title is actually an ongoing joke in political circles there. also, it has always been explained to students by the similarity of pronunciation and meaning: exchange=you exchange money=secretary of the treasury….a little mnemonic help. and a typical british title. you can not just be a secretary of the treasury or finance minister. this would not be a word /title “weird” enough for a briton!:-)

    and what’s the rant about she should not be on the program. to my knowledge this is an open contest. if you pass the prelims and are selected then that’s it. warren buffet has a right to be there (although he would probably qualify more for a “senior’s tournament”….)still, i think he would do pretty well. you don’t get where HE is being stupid ! financial status is NOT the yardstick with which j contestants are or should be chosen. but that’s just mho.
    congratulations and as vj said, a nice, real nice payday. 2 more like that and she is in the toc list. we will see tomorrow whether this was a fluke. i just hope the state of the union will not preempt the show all over the country…..

  4. Don Debikowski says:

    This is not right! She should be on the higher list of contestants!

  5. Rick Schlauch says:

    Bullshit! No way this lady who is a professor be on this show. BULLSHIT JULIE SINGER, YOU DONT NEED THE MONEY!!!

    • Chris Williams says:

      Rick, Rick, Rick – Are you serious?
      What is your guess
      that a Professor (or Assistant Professor –
      which is what she is) earns a year? Maybe, MAYBE $70,000. Now the last time I looked around – in the year 2014 – $70,000 for an incredibly cultured (probably well traveled $$$) woman with a young daughter ain’t gonna cut it. Come on man!

    • Keith says:

      Jeopardy! Isn’t a charity, Rick. Anyone, whether they have $1 or $10,000,000 to their name, have every right to be a contestant on the program if they can pass the test. Surely, you must be attempting some dry humor? I guess a person should be banned from purchasing lottery tickets if they make a certain amount or have a certain job, as well? Well hey, they don’t need the money, in your eyes, and every ticket they buy lowers the odds of winning by the tiniest of margins for others. If you’re actually serious, then your comment is single handedly the most idiotic thing I’ve read from someone on the internet… Over the last few days, at least. Because we all know the net is full of idiocy. Some people I just cannot fathom their thought process….