Tebow Taunted with Lolo Chants

We could see this one coming from a mile away.  Recently, track star Lolo Jones told HBO’s Real Sports that she is, at 29, still a virgin, and that remaining so was more difficult than training for the Olympics.  She originally revealed her virginity on Twitter back in March, tweeting that she did so to “honor God and future husband”.

One predictable result of this is the fact that guys are getting off barstools and coming out of the woodwork now in the delusional hope that they’ll be her first. The other predictable result is that people would assume New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow, who has similar views as Lolo, would be a good match.

The Jets are currently working out with off season OTA’s, and Tebow’s team mates got in on the act, with chants of Lolo! Lolo! in the locker room.  When Lolo heard about it, she tweeted:

“Ask Tebow if he wants a glass of milk. If he says yes, ask him if he prefers chocolate. if he says no, then no more Tebow date suggestions.”

We’re not quite sure why Lolo chose to publicly reveal such a personal detail of her life (not the chocolate milk), but future dating partners will certainly know now what to expect if they want to enter into a romantic relationship with her.  Girls who are feeling pressure to give in on this sort of thing before they’re ready could see her as a role model, an attractive woman who is sticking to her principals.  Meanwhile, Jones continues to train six hours a day in her pursuit of a medal in the 100 meter hurdles at the Olympics in London this summer.

Training six hours a day?  Maybe she’s just too tired to…..

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