Teen Tournament Rerun: 8-4-17 Quarter-Final No. 5

Today’s Jeopardy match originally aired on November 15, 2016. It was the fourth quarter-final of the 2-week 2016 Teen Tournament, featuring Michael Borecki, Sharath Narayan and Jasmine Wheeler


There’s a list of clues over here from this match that includes the QUARTERBACKS category. There was another category on January 2, 2017 about NFL Quarterbacks, in Mukund Marathe’s last game, but they only got to 4 of the clues:

$400: (Mike & Mike from ESPN) “The greatest Super Bowl had to be the 1969 game when Joe Namath led the Jets over the heavily favored Colts…” “That’s not bad, but not up to the game when this guy marched the 49ers down the field in 1989 in a game-winning drive”

$600: In the ’70s this Cowboys quarterback was called “Captain Comeback” & “Roger the Dodger”

$800: NFL quarterback Archie Manning never reached the Super Bowl, but these 2 sons have each won a Super Bowl MVP award

$1000: This Vikings quarterback co-hosted “That’s Incredible!” & spoke at the 2016 Republican convention

Here is a video clip showing highlights of all Quarter-Final matches, along with the winners (Semi-Finalists) and the four teens who won Wild Card spots.

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