Teen Tournament Rerun: 8-3-17 Quarter-Final No. 4

Today’s Jeopardy match originally aired on November 14, 2016. It was the fourth quarter-final of the 2-week 2016 Teen Tournament, featuring Lucia Geng, Antonio Karides and Connor Pierce


The match featured a REALITY TV SHOWS category that the teens had no problems with except for the $1200 clue:

$400: The Bravo channel has introduced us to “The Real” ones of Atlanta, Beverly Hills & New Jersey

$800: The female judge on the last season of “American Idol” was this singer & movie star

$1200: On “Undercover Boss”, a CEO worked at this convenience store & learned firsthand about customer service

$1600: Reality shows on this cable channel have included “Bad Dog!” & “Snake Man of Appalachia”

$2000: This supermodel is the creator of “America’s Next Top Model”

During Season 33, Jeopardy! devoted 2 other categories to Reality TV: one was in the 2016 Halloween match and the other was on 2/23/2017, in the first final match of the 2017 College Championships. They also had a handful of reality TV show clues in other categories. How many of these do you remember?

07/19/2017 FAMILIAL PHRASES ($600) The stars of this reality series on TLC marched on the Utah capitol to protest a ban on polygamy

07/12/2017 A PODCAST OF CHARACTERS ($200) In 2015 “Wait Wait …Don’t Tell Me!” angered some fans when this reality TV star was on to promote her book of “Piktures”

05/26/2017 400 SHOWS ON IN 2017 ($200) What with the former host otherwise engaged, Arnold Schwarzenegger began hosting this reality series

01/13/2017 ON TV NOW ($400) Jordan Rodgers won Jojo’s heart on this reality show in 2016

11/15/2016 MTV $1600: “Go Big or Go Home” is the subtitle of the latest version of this reality stalwart featuring 7 strangers

09/29/2016 RECENT MEMOIRISTS ($400) Courtney Robertson gave us the ins & outs of her time on this reality TV show in “I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends”

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