Teachers Tournament Rerun: 9-6-17 Semi-Final No. 3

Today’s Jeopardy match originally aired on May 17, 2017. It was the last semi-final match of the 2017 Teachers Tournament. The players were: Mary Parker, Michael Camp and Holly Cannon.


There’s a list of clues over here from this match, including the “Math, Now” category. This was the first Math category in Season 33, (Math Hysteria 9/22/2016), in Seth Wilson’s 4th game, where they only got to 3 clues before the round ended:

$200: The point at which 2 or more lines cross together, or, say, Fairfax & 3rd
$400: XVI minus IX; respond with the Roman numeral please
$600: Let’s face facts; a dodecahedron has this many faces

Answers: show

The next one to come up was just called “Math” (10/13/2017):

$200: It’s the example usually given of a Bernoulli trial, with 2 possible results of constant probability
$400: The set of positive & negative whole numbers & zero is the set of these
$600: As the circle is drawn in blue, in red, the “Y” values translate to sine, & in yellow, the values of “X” translate to this
$800: “You can’t share 10 apples equally among no people” is one way to teach kids that this process is against math rules
$1000: (DD $2000) Euclid’s “Elements” begins with a definition of this as “that which has no part”

Answers: show

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