Goodbye Beautiful Recap: Ray Donovan

As anticipated, the title of Episode 9 of Ray Donovan’s Season 4 (8-21-2016) did refer to Mickey’s girl, Silvie. The way things went down in this episode, both in Primm and in L.A., was a lot different than what we were expecting, we’ll say.

In Primm, Nevada, Mickey stopped off at a pawn shop supposedly to buy a ring for Sylvie before picking her up. He bought a guitar for Bridget and a gun for the job he was about to pull instead and told Bunchy to let him drive. He drove to Bill Primm’s house. Primm was sleeping inside in bed with Silvie. After Mickey convinced Bunchy to go along with his plan to get the 4 million back, he and Bunchy walked past a crooked tree, we kid you not.

This is why we thought there would be some comedy or at least humorous irony involved in this heist and we were like, hey, Bill Primm is crooked too, so let Mickey get the money and Sylvie. But that’s not what happened. Mickey was unable to open the safe when his torch compressor broke down so he had to strong arm Primm into giving up the combination. Primm wouldn’t give it up even after Mickey showed him that Bunchy was standing outside by his precious nanny, Algoma, with a gun in his hand. Mickey beat Primm with his weapon. Along came Larry, one of Primm’s bodyguards. Larry had a gun and Primm told him to shoot Silvie. Mickey offered to cut Larry in on the heist but Larry killed Silvie and was going to shoot Mickey too. Just then Teresa came in with the pawnshop guitar and clocked Larry with it. Mickey was just beside himself that Silvie was gone. He went over and killed Larry. Primm was afraid that he was next so the history lover gave up the combination at last: 6-26-76 (for the Battle of Little Bighorn). Teresa and Bunchy cleaned out the safe and Mickey sent them outside so he could have a moment with Silvie.

Bill Primm reminded Mickey that he could have killed him and Ray when he found them with the Green Horseshoe. Mickey said he should have and took his gun out but we didn’t actually see him shoot Primm so we don’t know if Bill Primm is dead, but we do know that Algoma is not a mute, nor is she deaf. In the car, a truly distraught Mickey told Bunchy that he and Teresa could have the money. He didn’t want it anymore. Bunchy didn’t want it either. Teresa laid her hand on Mickey’s shoulder and said “I’m sorry,” the second time she spoke since they got her out of the booby hatch. The first was when Bunchy called Abby to let him know she had to watch Maria for another day. He gave the phone to Teresa so she could hear the baby gurgling and cooing. Teresa said “Hi, baby.”

In Los Angeles, Sonia Kovitzy got a picture on her cell phone from her Uncle Dmitri. It was a dead and bloody Ivan Belikov. Sonia’s uncle followed up with an angry demand to meet with her and her two cohorts, Vlad and Waller. Sonia met with those two first and was shown footage of Ray Donovan at the port carrying the dead Cats Cradle girl out of the room he went in with Ivan. Sonia didn’t really question how that proved Ray did in Belikov. Vlad warned that they were all in deep doo doo now and reminded her that Dmitri killed Sonia’s father. She brought Ray Donovan in on their dealings and her ruthless uncle would kill them all. Sonia didn’t question that either. She emptied out her safe, picked up her daughter, Katya, from school and hightailed it to Ray’s house.

After convincing Abby of the urgency of her visit, Sonia and her hostess talked awkwardly about Ray’s infidelities and their cancers. Ray showed up and Sonia pleaded with him to help her get out of the country. Vlad was hanging around outside like a vampire. Avi and Lena showed up. Avi was all for helping Sonia escape her uncle permanently, urging Ray to let him kill her. Lena got an idea that based on her resemblance to Sonia, she could fool Vlad into following her someplace where she could send him to kingdom come as well. Lena insisted she could handle it all by herself and didn’t need Avi so he was dispatched to take care of Waller.

Lena was able to pull her plan off without a hitch but Avi wasn’t so lucky. The Russians were expecting such a move and he walked into an ambush. He was severely beaten by four guys and forced to call Ray. Dmitri got on the phone and told Ray to bring Sonia to him or he would kill Avi. Right at that moment, Ray was watching Sonia and her daughter take off in the plane he just helped them get on, so that solution is unavailable.

Team Campos: Still preparing for the Whittaker rematch, Hector posed for tough guy photographs at the Fite Club and had Terry join in as one of his managers. Hector sent Darryl to see Marisol with a $2 million dollar check and instructions to go away. Instead Marisol packed up all of her Hector souvenirs in a suitcase and took it to the Fite Club. She threw it on the stairs pulled out the $2 million check, lit that on fire and threw it on the open suitcase. Terry was reluctant to press charges in order to avoid rekindling the Hector/Marisol scandal, but at least he got a date with Maureen Doherty, the officer who previously visited the Fite Club when Abby’s purse was stolen by Damon.

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  1. Scott says:

    Great show, but someone should have noticed that the Battle of the Little Bighorn was fought on June 25, 1876, not the 26th!