Supporting Cast: (Mis)Education of Liam – Shameless

Here are some of the actors and actresses who appeared in Shameless, Episode 5, Season 8 (12-3-17): The recap of the episode is here.

Paul Cassell and Vivienne Powell in Shameless

$30K, did you say? Is that all?

Paul Cassell played Quinton Fleet, the guy who has been the main benefactor to Trevor for his youth program. He turned out to be a former client of Ian’s at the Fairy Tale. Trevor did not know that so we’re thinking that perhaps Quinton has been grooming Trevor. We don’t think Trevor is going to be pleased with the way Ian got that $30K down payment from Quinton and Old Lady Moneybags, Quinton’s wife Lilian (Vivienne Powell). We’re not seeing a jealousy or betrayal factor this time (as with Mickey). Besides, Trevor did turn Ian on to the Chubs. But Ian and Trevor are definitely not on the same page when it comes to ethics. Getting money that way is one of the things Trevor is working against with the homeless kids. In any event, that had to be the most lucrative trick Ian ever turned.

Ashley Wood as Beverly in Shameless

Your dirty hands make me swoon

Ashley Wood played Beverly, the one-time radical, rebellious renegade (according to Frank) who feels alive when she sees a loudmouth anti-establishment type like him. So… this liberal elite assuages her liberal guilt with some afternoon delight with Frank and his dirty hands, making him tell her about his tax-free income. One assumes she doesn’t have a good-looking gardener at home, or maybe that would make her feel more guilty?

The Delgado family in Shameless

What? She doesn’t want to have tea and chat?

When Derek Delgado deserted Debbie and not-yet-born Franny, he was Luca Oriel. Now he’s back and Damien Diaz has taken on the role. This will lead inevitably to court. We wouldn’t be one bit surprised if it was another custody bid instigated by Celia, but Debbie should have seen that coming when she decided to use Franny’s paternal abuela as her free babysitter. Like it or not, Debbie, Derek has paternal rights. Don’t get us wrong, though. We have no sympathy for the Delgados. Celia (Laura Ceron) just ain’t right. She could have told Derek and his girlfriend, Pepa, not to show their faces till she told Debbie they were there before she let Debbie in.

Also in Episode 5, Season 8

Main Cast:
William H. Macy – Frank Gallagher
Emmy Rossum – Fiona Gallagher
Jeremy Allen White – Lip Gallagher
Cameron Monaghan – Ian Gallagher
Emma Kenney – Debbie Gallagher
Ethan Cutkowsky – Carl Gallagher
Christian Isaiah – Liam

Series Regulars:
Steve Howie – Kevin Ball
Shanola Hampton – Veronica Fisher
Isidora Goreshter – Svetlana Fisher

More Guest and Co-Stars:
Sharon Lawrence – Margo
Scott Michael Campbell – Brad
Elliot Fletcher – Trevor
Ruby Modine – Sierra
Jessica Szohr – Nessa
Juliette Angelo – Geneva
Keston John – Josué Toussaint
Shane Paul McGhie – Jude Toussaint
Jim Hoffmaster- Kermit
Michael Patrick McGill – Tommy
Perry Mattfeld – Mel
Jennifer Taylor – Anne Seery
Levy Tran – Eddie
Peter Banifaz – Farhad
Darshan Bhatt – Colin
David Brackett – Duran
Camille Collard – Annie
Nina Daniels – Eva
Michael Delgado – JJ (Junkie Jones)
Keith Jardine – Bob
Melissa Paladino – Cami

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