Supporting Cast: Happily Ever After – Shameless

Here are the actors and actresses who appeared in Episode 11, Season 7 of Shameless (12-11-16): The recap of the episode is here.

Scott Michael Campbell as Brad in Shameless

You only woke up in the hospital once?

Scott Michael Campbell played Brad, a new friend Lip made at Alcoholics Anonymous. To Brad, Lip was just a small fish. Brad’s war story about almost killing his girlfriend topped anything Lip had ever been through. The only thing Lip had to offer that Brad apparently never heard before were parents who encouraged him to drink. Lip should have taken Brad to Frank and Monica’s second wedding for the major war stories.

Barry Sloane as Ryan in Shameless

Come with me to my foreclosure

Barry Sloane played Ryan, the CEO of Building Bug. He and Fiona immediately hit it off and by that, we mean that it was like one of her Tinder dates. They hooked up just like that [finger snap], and then Ryan decided to sell Fiona the apartment building they hooked up in just like that [finger snap]. This time she is doing her due diligence. With the Gallaghers, it’s always easy come, easy go, so we’re wondering how that’s gonna work out for Fiona.

Wilson Cruz in Shameless

Quit lying! You’re really bad at it.

Wilson Cruz played the bartender at the gay club where Kevin wanted to work. He was not impressed with Kev pretending to be gay, his 15 years experience as a bartender, or his twin daughters that he needed to feed, but he was impressed with Kev’s Chippendale skills. Whether Kev will continue to work there now depends on whether V is cool with him auctioning off his body. After what they just went through with Svetlana, we can’t really see that happening. No, Kev and V will get The Alibi back but these little side adventures are funny.

Rolando Molina as Jesus in Shameless

So.. you want to cross the border?

Rolando Molina played Jesus, the man that Mickey thought would help smuggle him across the border into Mexico. Jesus actually had heard about Mickey and he even shed some light on how Mickey escaped, by conning a female prison guard who fell in love with him. But there was no way he was going to risk jail time helping a fugitive. Mickey got mad when Jesus told him he was on his own, which was very funny. It was karmic retribution even, after the way Mickey left Damon (Joseph Lucero) stranded.

Also in Episode 11
Main Cast:
William H. Macy – Frank Gallagher
Emmy Rossum – Fiona Gallagher
Jeremy Allen White – Lip Gallagher
Cameron Monaghan – Ian Gallagher
Emma Kenney – Debbie Gallagher
Ethan Cutkowsky – Carl Gallagher
Brenden and Brandon Sims – Liam Gallagher

Series Regulars:
Steve Howie – Kevin Ball
Shanola Hampton – Veronica Fisher

Patsy’s Pies People:
Tate Ellington – Chad
Ruby Modine – Sierra

More Guest and Co-Stars:
Chloe Webb – Monica Gallagher
Noel Fisher – Micky Milkovitch
June Squibb – Etta
Zack Pearlman – Neil
Seidy Lopez – Interviewer
Brian Chenoweth – Ronald
Omar Heywood – Worker
Bianca Lopez – Brianna
Jessie Pinnick – Robin

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