Happily Ever After Recap: Shameless

Frank and Monica recommitted themselves to each other in Episode 11 of Season 7, while Mickey and Ian headed to the Mexican border, kicking Damon to the curb along the way.

Monica Jean Darrgen, will you marry me? ~ Frank Gallagher

Waking up after a wild hotel room party, Frank and Monica relieved the rest of the passed-out partygoers of their valuables and took off. One of the items was a ring that fit Monica “like a glass slipper,” inspiring Frank to propose even though they are already legally married. They decided to make their vows to each other again all the same and invited all their kids, that they could round up anyway. None of the Gallagher kids knew about Monica’s condition yet, however, and Fiona and Lip refused their invitations. With Carl still at military school and Ian on the lam with Mickey, only Debbie and Liam were present when the ceremony began. Monica recited a litany of past sins that she forgave Frank for, like not telling her when he cut a batch of coke with just a touch of Drano. When an episode of infidelity on Frank’s part came up, she socked him in face. He returned the favor and they got in a knock-down drag out fight. Frank managed to coax her into opening the bedroom door, pointing out that she could forgive him for one more thing and she had not heard his vows yet. After he recited the same vows he took when he first married her, the party was back on and by that time, Lip and Fiona were home. As they discussed Lip’s sobriety, he suddenly noticed that the room was moving and they realized that Monica had spiked their drinks with molly. Declaring that a fait accompli, they joined in the party and a grand time was had by all, until the next morning when Frank was unable to wake Monica up.

I would never do anything without full inspections. ~ Fiona Gallagher

Fiona took her $160K check to the bank and went by the laundromat where Chad was already having everything hauled off. She brought Etta back to her house until a room opened up for her at assisted living. She also got herself a new car for $425 a month. Lip was clearly upset to find out that his dire predictions of failure were wrong. The laundromat was being turned into a Jamba Juice and Chad introduced Fiona to a guy named Ryan who took her back to a foreclosure building he bought and was planning to renovate. He thought Fiona was more excited about renovating the building than she had been when they did the nasty. Ryan offered to sell her the building for $350K but she countered with $250K. Oy! That Fiona. She’s such a real wheeler dealer now.

After the Gallagher party, in the cold light of morning, Fiona learned there was an opening at the assisted living facility and she moved Etta into it, looking all sad. Whatever Etta said, we’ll never know because they spared us that by playing music over the scene. It would be nice if Fiona paid her a future visit so we knew Etta adjusted well and was winning bingo on the regular. She’s a feisty old gal.

Never thought I’d say this, but I’m glad I finally found Jesus ~ Mickey Milkovitch

Micky and Ian set out for Mexico with Damon in the back seat. They stopped at a convenience store for some gas and food. A shot rang out inside while Ian was filling up. Damon and Mickey came running out chased by the manager who shot up their car. Ian and Mickey stole another vehicle and took off, leaving Damon to fend for himself. That probably wasn’t the smartest move because when they found Jesus, the guy who was supposed to help them get across the border, he blew them off. Mickey wanted to rob a bar to get a lot of money but Ian told him they were in Texas and everyone was packing. He suggested they go to the bank. Mickey thought they were going to rob it but Ian had an account there that he closed out. At the border, Ian got cold feet while Mickey was disguising himself as a woman. He told Mickey that he could not go because he was a different person now. He gave Mickey the money and watched him successfully cross the border. Presumably, he kept enough cash for the trip back to Chicago and Trevor.

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard. ~ Kevin Ball

Kevin wanted to get a manly job so he tried out for one that he thought involved hands on construction. Turned out that everything was computerized and the lady told “Kevin Pelota” he’d have to get in his time machine for that kind of work. V got a lead on a bartender job that turned out to be at the same gay bar Ian used to work at. The guy tending bar was highly amused at Kev’s pretending to be gay but decided to give him a one-night try. Kev came out in some metallic gold shorts and began dancing on the bar. He was such a big hit that the bartender started an auction that was up to $500 for some action with Kev. Well, it is a way for him to pay Rick Encarnacion’s retainer to get The Alibi back, if he hasn’t already done so, but there was no sign of the shark attorney in this episode nor Svetlana, for that matter.

Have you tried knitting? ~ Brad

After being a sour puss to Fiona, Lip met Brad at an AA meeting and they later traded war stories at Patsy’s over cherry pie, cheese cake and a couple other sugary items Brad ordered. Lip was suspicious of Brad’s motives for befriending him. Was he going to try to make him work the 12 steps? Was he trying to be Lip’s sponsor? But the only advice Brad had for Lip was to take up knitting to keep his mind off drinking and Etta was trying to help him with that before she was carted off to assisted living. Although Lip told Brad he was not going to make amends, he did admit to Fiona that he was wrong about her laundromat deal.

In the preview, the Gallaghers are at the hospital so we’re not sure if Monica is gone yet. It’s too bad that Frank didn’t tell Lip and Fiona that Monica was dying because they might not have been so cold about her invitation, if they knew it very well might be the last time they would see their mother alive. We will find all this out in the Shameless Season 7 finale next week, as well as more about that dangerous DEA job Monica told Frank about.

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