Snooki on Letterman

Here is Snooki’s full list of reasons why you should buy her book, “A Shore Thing”

1. The finest work of literature ever written by an author named Snooki
2. If you don’t, I’ll send a juiced-up guido to your house
3. Comes with a blank page where you can stick your gum
4. If everybody buys my book, the economy will be fixed
5. Includes helpful tips on how to clean Ron-Ron juice out of your Camaro
6. Show me your receipt and I’ll grind with you at any nightclub of your choice
7. It’s so good, Pauly D wants to learn how to read
8. J-Woww gave it 5 WoWWs
9. If you’re watching this show, then your standards can’t be too high
10. 200 pages of hangover cures

Well! With reasons like that, it should be on the New York Times Bestsellers List muy pronto.

David Letterman complimented Snooki on her appearance and after she read her list, went over to kiss her hand and thank her. He is so tall — she barely comes up to his shoulder so to make sure she heard him over the music, he had to lean down to say “thank you” in her little Snooki ear.

P.S. to Snooki: When can we expect the juicy guido?

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