Miss America Still Waiting for Aaron Rodgers to Call

At the Miss America pageant on January 14th, Miss Wisconsin, a.k.a. Laura Kaeppeler, introduced herself to viewers stating she was a fan of the Green Bay Packers and added “if you’re watching, Aaron Rodgers, call me.”

At the time, Rodgers says he was watching the Denver Broncos—New England Patriots football game, but he was soon inundated with text messages informing him of what she said.  So Rodgers tuned into the pageant and watched as Kaeppeler won the Miss America crown.  “That’s quite an accomplishment” he told a Milwaukee radio station on January 18th.  “That’s exciting for Wisconsin, the one bright spot over the weekend.”

The Packers, of course, were eliminated from the NFL playoffs by the New York Giants the day after the pageant. Kaeppeler is the first Miss Wisconsin to win the Miss America pageant in 40 years.

As Kaeppeler explained to Wendy Williams, she wanted to inject a little humor into her introduction.  But she did add that Rodgers hadn’t called her, so we think it wasn’t just a humorous way for her to identify herself and her home state. She wouldn’t hang up if the Packers’ quarterback did call.

As for Rodgers not calling, he has just come off of a hugely disappointing loss in the playoffs, and may need a couple of days to get himself together and go home for the off season. So, maybe he’s still thinking about it. We would just say to Rodgers that opportunities to date Miss America don’t happen all the time, so if that’s on your bucket list, here’s your chance.

We know what we’d do.

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