Matthew Santoro: 50 Amazing Facts #12

You may have heard of Matthew Santoro already and may even be one of his over 3 million subscribers. The 29-year-old Canadian’s youtube channel came to our attention through an article on fast-growing youtube accounts. Since 2010, Santoro has published top 10 and 50 facts lists accompanied by his comedic delivery. And we love lists. And we love comedy. Matthew was already up to his 12th 50 Amazing Facts video when we caught up with him

Here are three of our favorites from the video:

#16 Country singer Dolly Parton once anonymously entered a Dolly Parton Look-Alike Contest and lost to a drag queen.

#47 Singapore has the world’s highest percentage of millionaires with one out of every 6 households having a least one million U.S. dollars in disposable wealth.

#48 Newman’s Own foods has donated 100% of its post-tax profits to charity since 1982, totaling over $400 million dollars.

#49 and #50 are pretty good, too. He must save the best for last.

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