Lady Gaga “You and I” on Oprah

May 5th was a busy day for Gaga what with the premiere of her much griped and hyped music video “Judas” and n appearance on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” in its last “Hookup” show.

Gaga was first shown saying she was sorry she couldn’t be there because she “could not find the right pair of shoes to wear,” but that was a shill, because behind the screen there was the Lady in a black transparent body suit with just her underwear beneath it, a red shoulder-padded jacket and a hat with slits for her eyes so she could see. After performing some “Born This Way” on her stiletto high heel piano, Gaga removed the hat as Oprah, sitting next to Johnny Depp, clapped excitedly.

The very day after Haley Reinhart performed her song “You and I” with her blessing on American Idol, Gaga now wanted to show the world how she does it, although she tailored it to turn it into a dedication to Oprah and her 25 years..

Gaga then spoke with Oprah, who called her the “Gaga Lady,” and complimented her on being such a phenomenon. Gaga said Winfrey was a phenomenon too, and the “two phenomenons together” hugged. Oprah was pretty gaga over the piano and Lady Gaga obligingly revealed where the idea came from: “… my sister, who’s 19 years old, she’s a fashion student and she created this structure of a high heel and I made it into a piano, so surprise!”

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