Teen Tournament Rerun: 8-2-17 Quarter-Final No. 3

Today’s Jeopardy match originally aired on November 11, 2016. It was the third quarter-final of the 2-week 2016 Teen Tournament, featuring Leeyu Addisu, Alec Fischthal and Michael Kwan.


Here is a clue from the match in the WHICH CONTINENT? category:

($400) Is where you’d find the Adelie Coast

The teens were stumped by it, but no need to feel bad. Just a few weeks later, this similar clue turned up in the December 6, 2016 game and the grown-ups didn’t know it either:

EVERY CLAIM YOU STAKE ($1600) In the mid-19th century, Dumont d’Urville claimed Adelie Land, part of here, for the French

Besides the Adelie Coast, here are some other Antarctic features that have turned up in Jeopardy! clues:

01/24/2017 ANTARCTICA ($800) Blood Falls, which flows into Lake Bonney, gets its color because it is rich in this element

02/11/2015 SEAS THE DAY ($800) The King Haakon VII Sea isn’t near Norway, but off this continent’s Queen Maud Land

01/14/2015 EARTH ($1000) Lake Vostok is the largest lake here

01/13/2015 BRR, BABY, BRR ($800) This continent’s record low, -23 Celsius, was recorded in the Snowy Mountains on June 29, 1994

02/28/2013 ON WHAT CONTINENT? ($800) Marie Byrd land

01/01/2013 NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS ($400) I will journey to this continent to climb some of the Queen Maud Mountains, named for the Queen of Norway

07/09/2012 SEAS OF THE WORLD ($600) The Bellingshausen Sea, an area around this continent, is named for the second man to circumnavigate it

02/14/2012 ISLANDS ($400) Alexander Island, one of this continent’s largest, is connected to it by the George VI ice shelf

01/18/2012 THE LAND ($400) Victoria Land, one of its regions, lies north of the Ross Ice Shelf

10-24/2011 VOLCANOES ($800) In 1908 members of Ernest Shackleton’s expedition became the first to climb this continent’s Mount Erebus

06/09/2011 GOING TO X STREAMS ($400) At around 20 miles long, the Onyx River is this continent’s longest

03/18/2010 THE CONTINENT WHERE YOU’LL FIND… ($1000) Ellsworth Land

02/10/2010 NAME THAT CONTINENT ($400) The Filchner Ice Shelf

04/04/2008 FUN ON THE MAP ($400) Say ahhhhhhhh! The Dalton Iceberg Tongue on this continent actually looks like a tongue

There’s plenty more to learn about Antarctica from J-Archive’s collection of Jeopardy! clues, but for now, I’ll consider myself lucky if I can remember these by September!!

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