Final Jeopardy: 12-26-16 to 12-30-16

Here are the Final Jeopardy questions and answers for the week of December 26 through December 30, 2016.

Mon, December 26: – Correct answers: 2 (out of 2 left in FJ)
The name of this moon refers to the mythical group that its planet’s name belonged to. show

Tue, December 27 – Correct answers: 0
Made from a boiler at a Mobile, Ala. machine shop, it was deemed a success though it went down off Charleston 3 times. show

Wed, December 28 – Correct answers: 1
This land is described as “all that lies between the lamp-post and the great castle of Cair Paravel on the eastern sea” show

Thu, December 29 – Correct answers: 1
Of the 5 countries with the lowest population density, this U.N. Member is the only one named for a desert. show

Fri, December 30 – Correct answers: 0
The only Nobel Prize winner to be the title subject of a Best Picture Oscar winner is this man. show

If you missed any of the games, click on the date for the recap with the Daily Doubles and a triple stumper or two. More clues from this week’s games are on Fikkle Fame’s archive.

The final clues in the last week of 2016 proved to be a bit of challenge, except for Monday. There were only 2 players left in Final Jeopardy! that day, but they both got it right. For the rest of the week, it was either one right or nada.

Jeopardy champs Dec 26 - 30, 2016

Sam Scovill was the 3x returning champ on Monday, but Stephanie Schlatter dethroned him. She won 1 more match but lost to Justin Scace on Wednesday. Mukund Marthe sent Justin home on Thursday and became a 2x champ on Friday, so he will be the returning champ in the first game of the New Year. (They didn’t show Mukund’s 2-day total on Friday, so I kinda had to cobble that together)

Happy New Year again to everyone! Hope you enjoy this video from the Fantastikids. It’s terrific!

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