Final Jeopardy: 10-3-16 to 10-7-16

Here are the Final Jeopardy questions and answers for the week of October 3 through October 7, 2016.

Mon, October 3: – Correct answers: 2
A 4th c. traveler gave one of the first descriptions of this day: “All the children… are carried… bearing branches” show

Tue, October 4 – Correct answers: 2 (out of 2 left in FJ)
The 1st scene in this book: “With the brass nozzle in his fists, with this great python spitting its venomous kerosene” show

Wed, October 5 – Correct answers: 2
Systemically Important Financial Institution is an official status known more informally by these 4 words. show

Thurs, October 6 – Correct answers: 2
The 2 Secretaries of State who received B.A.s in Political Science from Wellesley, 10 years apart. show

Fri, October 7 – Correct answers: 1
The focus of a 1970s miniseries & its recent remake, he arrived at Annapolis in 1767 aboard the ship the Lord Ligonier. show

If you missed any of the games, click on the date for the recap with the Daily Doubles and a triple stumper or two. More clues from this week’s games are on Fikkle Fame’s archive.

Jeopardy! champs for the week of October 3, 2016

Seth Wilson returned on Monday as a 10x champ. He won 2 more matches but his reign came to an end on Wednesday when he lost to Margie Eulner Ott. Sarah Flamini sent Margie home the next day and Nate Ross returned the favor on Friday. Margie had the Haul of the Week with that $34,000. We still have not had one triple solve in FJ since Season 33 began. Surely, next week…

There’s a chart up here with links to all of Seth’s games, including daily winnings on his 12 games, FJ bets and Daily Doubles bets.

A year ago this week, Matt Jackson was still going strong in his 13-game run. Here is a memory from his 8th game.

You can see the “125 Years of Carnegie Hall” category from Thursday’s game on Jeopardy!’s youtube channel.

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4 Responses

  1. Cece says:

    Thanks for that clip, VJ—it brings back good memories (for me, at least).

    “Grrr! I’ll remember that…” Lol! Now, in hindsight, I think Matt was a total arse on that one. Alex was so gentle while taking away his money…!

    • VJ says:

      Yeah, actually it was more Alex’ fault for not giving him a chance to be more specific and it wasn’t like anyone thought he didn’t know the first name, but look at the lead he had. Holy cow!

      Still sad about Seth. I know it’s been said that he made those small bets before, but the chart also shows there were games when he bet big enough to beat a real challenge. And I don’t even like to deal with “if this” or “if that” scenarios but in this one, if he just went all in on that 13th game, he would have jumped over the $300K winnings mark. I would have liked seeing that.

      • Cece says:

        I see what you mean, VJ, but as it’s also been said, he might’ve thought ‘Economy’ too broad a category, and was hoping Margie was thinking the same thing—but I totally get your being sad about it. And he was a pleasant contestant, too. Oh well.

        That reminds me of a quote you had on CotD a while back, which I liked. “For all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these: It might have been”

        • VJ says:

          Yeah, sigh. As I recall, that quote is a favorite of Jacob’s. I think that quote was in “an old category” on CotD because I remember that it was a triple stumper — the $2K clue in American Lit on 11-12-2002

          The quote is from a poem about a poor girl and a judge who were attracted to each other one day. They married in their own station in life and spent the rest of their lives wishing they married each other. LOL. (“Maud Muller”)

          What happened with Seth reminded me more of a craps game I got in once where I had big time beginners luck but didn’t know how to bet.