Teen Tournament Rerun: 7-31-17 Quarter-Final No. 1

Today’s Jeopardy match originally aired on November 9, 2016. It was the first quarter-final of the 2-week 2016 Teen Tournament, featuring Lily Allingham, Porter Bowman and Apurva Kanneganti.


Here is the $1200 clue in the BODIES OF WATER category from the match:

BODIES OF WATER ($1200) This second-longest African river takes its name from a kingdom that once existed near its mouth

Taking a look through J-Archive at the material Jeopardy! usually presents related to the correct response to this clue, I found an entire category devoted to THE CONGO RIVER in the match played on 10/4/1996:

$200: In length the Congo is second in Africa to this river
$400: In the 1870s this British explorer & journalist traveled the entire length of the Congo
$600: This “Heart of Darkness” author lived his dream of commanding a steamboat up the Congo
$800: We presume you know the cataracts on the lower Congo are named for this man
$1000: Name given by the Portuguese to the Congo River & still used for much of it today

Most clues about the Congo River will reference it being Africa’s second longest river, or one of the other responses to the above clues (Henry Morton Stanley, Joseph Conrad, David Livingstone, Zaire), but here are some that have something different:

5/08/2017 THE EASTERN HEMISPHERE ($800) Malebo Pool is a 200-square-mile lake-like expansion of this river near Kinshasa
11/23/2015 BODIES OF WATER ($1200) About 2,900 miles long, it’s one of the few major rivers to cross the equator, and actually does so twice before emptying into the Atlantic
01/08/2015 WORLD OF WATER ($200) The capitals of Brazzaville & Kinshasa sit across from each other on this river
05/08/2007 ON THE “GO” $1200: This river carries more water than any other except the Amazon
03/30/2000 GEOGRAPHY $1,000: Of the 3 longest rivers in Africa, it’s the one that starts with a different letter than the other 2
1/30/1997 GEOGRAPHY ($400) Of the 10 longest rivers in the world, 1 of the 3 that flow into the Atlantic

Now we’re all set for the next clue about the Congo River in Season 34.

P.S. On that 1997 clues, the other 2 rivers that flow into the Atlantic are the Amazon and the Parana.

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